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Oh my God my first nosebleed I need a tampon.

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Image NSFW, I think.

Anyway I'm so excited. Really. I've always dreamed of knowing how it feels like, you know. But God please make it stop now

I woke up at around 11:45 in the morning, carried on with my daily ritual (hilamos-toothbrush et cetera), then next thing I know blood came out of mi nose. As I type this, a huge wave of RBC's are being spewed out (hihi Plants vs. Zombies)! Cool cool cool cool cool.

Anyway I battered someone else's face towel (IDK maybe it's my mom's). Bedistang-Bedista, boy. Ewan. Bahala na katulong. Tide lang naman ata katapat e. Haha, look!

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