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Chics and booze (dahil macho ako)

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Last night (September 29), Alexys celebrated her 18th birthday at The Gallery Bar, Richmonde Hotel Eastwood City. I was glad to have the Greenpark Friends around otherwise I'd drown in a sea of super unfamiliar and fabulosa chics. Because first of all, I'm not chic material-- need I still confess? Hahaha!

I shared the table with Lawrence and George, because aside from Paolo and his troupe, they were the only ones I know. For guys, they were bigass camera whores! Yes my camera has outgrown retardation woohoo!

Melted mallows for broken hearts (chos)

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I was checking out my Bloglovin' feed (usual morning routine charrrr) when the doorbell rang. At first I thought it was only Ate Madel returning from the sari-sari store so I ignored it since Jared will prolly open the gate for her naman.

Open went our bedroom door (kasi sadly I share the same room with my sister).

Ta-da! Monica slipped in! We have not seen each other for almost two weeks (ata) so she decided to show up. I actually was not expecting her since (for all I know) most students are going through their hell weeks around this time of year.

To be honest, I was super yearning for her pampering because I'm going through so much abominable crap. Not even a serving of The Cab (thanks ulit, Sofifi!) could alleviate it. Putang ina okay.


Monica's a tunggera ng isang shot glass ng maple syrup 
Almonds and peas and pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries go together quite fucking well
Monica always have the craziest ideas. She instructed me to stuff the microwave oven with mallows. Once in, they started bloating and we started freaking out so medyo putol-putol yung pag-init hahaha

Exposing lé melted mallows to air makes it super sticky and brittle (pero soft) so don't 

A challenge to Dairy Queen *raises right eyebrow* 

What I'm about to confess will make me sound like a total sucker: I still have not yet seen Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events until today! Fuck me, right?

All hail Jim Carrey's flexible face and inconceivable acting prowess! Siya na forever k

Plus a candid heart-to-heart talk to end our date with. Fuck you Monica, you're the awesomest (and the stinkiest too).



This is me returning with crappy photos from The Cab's Trinoma gig last Friday night (September 21) because my camera was (and actually still is) mentally impaired and Sofia was not able to bring hers because DSLRs were supposed to be banned from the show but apparently the moshpit nearest the stage was filled with people who were able to sneak in theirs.

My camera phone started fooling around mid-show. The imbecile automatically deleted some photos and did not allow me to take videos but one so die camera phone, diiiiee! You swore to stick with me 'til the end, did you not? Huhu /wrist

Plus, I was suffering from a low blood pressure several minutes before the show started so my friends and I thought na maybe if I fainted I'd be brought backstage. The idea of an instant meet-and-greet did not do me good, though. My head was so high up in the night clouds that I was not able to properly choose a good dress when I was shopping at People Are People while waiting for the show to start huhuhuhu. Screw you, LBP.

When I say crappy I mean crappy
Okay, enough with the rants.

I am sort of feeling guilty for attending this gig-- I was not that hardcore of a fan unlike those around me eh. I started listening to The Cab back when I was a high school junior. One day, however, members were starting to get off the band so I decided to kick them out of my feed. They retained their place in my playlist, though.

So when I heard that they're coming to town, I was sort of expecting to see the original set of members, forgetting the fact that they were not able to actually keep it together. No Alex Johnson. No Cash Colligan. Lo, I can't even sing along to some of their new songs boohoohoo.

It was still cool, though-- being in a moshpit once again! The crowd was so hyped and everyone was jumping and dancing and fistpumping and screaming their hearts out!

Sofia introduced me to Isa (is this how you spell her name? haha) and Pau. Woohoo for extended network!

Pau was actually my first moshpit partner. We squeezed our way through the crowd para medyo dun kami sa harap. It was super nice of her to not leave me besides all those pushing and pulling and jumping and pumping. Hello Pau!

Moshpit partners!
Pareho daw kami ng hairstyle yihee
Isa, Sofia, and Pau
Of course, I would like to extend my thanks to Sofia for giving me a ticket to the event! I can't thank you enough! Without you I would not have had this huge serving of happiness! Really, thank you!

Scratch Pad

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Jay: Boyfriend for Hire

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After so much bonggang delay, ΠΣ-ΠΣΔ's lobby game finally pushed through last Thursday (September 13)! This year, Movie Addicts focused on superheroes of both foreign and local origins. This year, I volunteered to prepare the PowerPoint presentation to avoid going through last year's hullabaloo (we crammed as if ugly imps were on our tails and in the end we were booed by the audience huhu).

We sure had fun setting up, though I do not think that the same can be said for our super industrious sister Jenor who was tasked to cut the stupid adhesive tape. I mean come on, who'd enjoy that crap?

The MC in demand, Jay Zantua / Jason Chua (lol)!
Jay was tasked to host the thing and the Ulupongs (his group of ulupung friends, who were also participants of the said game) was backing him up. Soon, the Ulupongs got the whole audience to cheer for him! Coolness.

The almighty Triskelions won the event, by the way.

Next thing I know, we were at McDonald's and Kums was listing down everyone's order. This actually was my first time (I think) bonding with them off school grounds. I honestly do not feel as if I'm part of the confraternity (though I legally am). I don't know-- that's just the way I am around organizations I am part of. What I did not know was that I was actually part of a family! I did not feel left out (unlike how I do around Samana and CCC and Rotaract). So it's just either that the socially awkward penguin in me is dying (poor thing) or that I just found my UP ohana. Hihihi (yuck ang landi tumawa).

At some point, we talked about Jay's newly erected yet still unofficial "fan base". I sort of came up with the idea of auctioning Jay for a day since our funds our slowly degenerating. Everyone was into the idea, but I don't think Jay likes it. He was silently smiling throughout the discussion so we assumed that he was not against it :D

I just hope that it would push through. We have already identified prospective bidders (the market's quite big, mind you) and we are already looking forward to a super heavy competition between Gela and Nani (two of Jay's biggest known admirers) if ever this pushes through.

I can already see $$$. Jay for sale! Jay for sale! Boyfriend for rent! Jay for sale!**

**Bidding is restricted only to those who are currently enrolled in UP Clark


(L to R)   Ian, Jenor, Jen, Kums, Aira, RA, Dan, Rich, Jay
(L to R)   Jen, Kums, Aira, RA, Jean (moi)
Dennis and Kiyoko: late comers! Boooo
Other News:   Inuman / Pusoy Dos session sa apartment ko woohoo

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Pretty Penny Dreams

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Blueberries and sea-salted almonds go perfectly together and it's sort of sad to know that I am one of the last ones to find out. Whatever firework-inducing sensation is happening right now between my teeth and beneath my tongue may have been the sensation that ilusyonadang rodent's fat friend in Ratatouille must have felt the first time he munched on high-end cheese and berries.

*queue Katy Perry's Firework*

Had I come from the upper bourgeois, I would have been getting more from eating these pa-high end beauties. I could have been enjoying overpriced berries and nuts with sexy slices of Caciocavallo Podolico quezo and a bottle of of Cabernet Sauvignon, pinky tossed higher than that of your kumare's kilay when she found out that your kumpare has a younger, sexier kabit. Pair this lavish diet (if I were even going to eat all these up) with a gondola ride in Venice with my multibillionaire boyfriend matandang mayamang madaling mamatay fiancé.

Hey, shame on you for letting your friend get carried away!

In the end, I'm just one college undergrad trying to survive the first semester of my third year in UP Clark. Papa just happened to have brought home crates of blueberries and almonds and I just happened to have abducted such dearies during one of my frequent visits to the fridge. I'd love to live an ultra lavish lifestyle, though. Hihihi

Hello again, real world.

Yaya Jean

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Yesterday, I went on a date with my brother-- if you consider bringing him to Kumon a date. I was made to wait but I would not want to squish in with the yayas and mamas in the allotted waiting area so I decided to go outside.

Ang gara sa Marikina. A turo-turo cart, a mani stand, and a buko cart came into view woohoo! Bisyo. After satisfying my street food craving, I entered a poorly-stocked ukay-ukay to see if I could get my hands on something. However as I said it was poorly stocked so I was not able to get myself anything anyway.

Pinoy na pinoy 'tong lakad na 'to. Hihi.

Buko juice (P5) + a serving of fish balls (P5)
When Jared's Kumon session was over, he insisted we go to McDonald's. I thought I'd have to spend my allowance on him which was nevertheless okay, but to my surprise he paid for everything! I could get use to this...

Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great.

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Behold, the hymn of the anti-RH people.

16oz Bottle of Happiness

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You need not read this. But if you insist--




Has anyone seen that flick where a lovestruck Vhong Navarro pursues the supposedly Lupus-ridden Toni Gonzaga? Me neither. I have just heard of it from friends who initially overreact when I tell them that I've got Lupus.

When I was diagnosed with it almost exactly a year ago, I thought, cool, maybe I'd transform into a werewolf of something because Lupus = Lupine = Wolf (yes I'm lame like that boohoohoo)

Unfortunately, I would never ever turn into a werewolf. Lupus is a hereditary auto-immune disease that takes a very long time to kill a person. My white blood cells (imagine a bunch of white ship-like cells fighting off infection hahaha) have gone berserk (parang right off Final Fantasy lang), making them attack my normal body tissues too. Nagiging bobo, ika nga, pero at certain conditions lang (i.e. exposure to the sun).

Now, why did I bring this up?

Officially PWD
Well, my condition is getting worse. I have already said my thank you's and sorry's and goodbye's to majority of those in my inner circle of, er, friends. However, there are still those I cannot reach out to as of this moment. People, this goes to you.

To my childhood friends: thank you guys for making all those memories with me! I'm glad that Mum took around five buckets of photographs of us. I'd want you to have them. Please do not forget how much fun we had constructing all those kumot tents, catching all those baby frogs (because all of us were too afraid then to approach the big ones hahaha), riding bicycles, getting darker-than-tan skin just so we could stay on the playground, being chased by dogs, climbing shittily made tree houses, et cetera, et cetera. We had been through so much, I think this post won't be able to contain it. I would like to apologize to that one boy (who, apparently, has grown into a man now) whom I didn't listen to that one time he asked me to stop pushing the tricycle because you'll fall off it (lo, you were sitting on the handlebar you crazy lad!) but I didn't anyway so you actually fell off, earning you a scar on your leg and making your mum look for me but I ran so far and hid somewhere so remote you guys didn't even find me anyway. Okay lang yan, first crush naman kita eh.

To my GMLC family: Elaiza, Mariel, Anna, May, Helenar, Jennylyn, Edelyn, Franz, and Yvette, for being my first set of actual barkada! I have went through lots of firsts with you guys! So did you! You've taught me how to play jack stones, 10-20, hula hoop, space blast thing on perforated paper, lame jokes, and lame magic tricks. You guys were my first text mates. You guys were the reason for my first lice infestation. I detest the fact that besides our class pictures, there only were a handful of photos with us in it. However, for some reason, we loved exchanging hearty letters with each other-- ALL of which I was able to keep here, with me! Akala niyo, ha. I've been trying to respond to each of those letters even though a thousand years have already sufficed since I've got them, and hopefully I'll be over with it before my time is up. I just regret the fact that not one reunion took place ever since we've graduated. Boooo!

To my Bedan family: Putangina, lahat na ata sa inyo ko natutunan. Thank you for preparing me for college and giving me the NCAA experience and teaching me how to swear and making me experience my first below-75 grade and psyching me up so that I could sing my first karaoke and offering me my first alcohol and making me realize how shitty it is to smoke and making me lie to my mum just so I could party and having me break my heart for the first time! *hinga* Those who stuck with me since Day 1 up to this day, I may have already talked to you guys. Hihihi. And to that boy who broke my heart, though it is very unlikely that you still do not know that it is you I am talking about, you deserve my tears.

To those in UP: Though I have always felt like a loner in UP Clark, I can never say that you people were never friendly. Shai, thank you for sticking with me through our first year. We've bid our Diliman dreams farewell together but here we are, still living. Hehe. To Yna and Yra and Clarence and Ivy and Milcah and (most especially) Dan, you guys are my UP barkada and even though there are times when I think too much and make myself feel left out (yes I do that to myself a lot), you always put up with me. To my ex dorm mates (the Tigertapians, dahil nasa tapat ng Tiger Hotel yung dorm natin hahaha), all those times watching those flicks and eating those seemingly inedible thingamabob our landlady calls food and celebrating birthdays at Ministop and reviewing together 'til dawn breaks sa ipis-ridden kitchen and sharing all those scary stories and stalking all those boys and turning into mean girls without even knowing it and making trips to the Toll House-- don't you just miss those? Haha! To my confraternity brothers and sisters, keep serving the people! Please, don't let the educational discussions die down, ha?

To Louie and Sofia and to all those who read my blog anonymously: thank you for reading my blog. Don't stop following it-- I'll still writing posts from hell muhahahaha *this blog is now cursed hahahaha*

To my barkada in Greenpark: thank you for supporting me whenever I feel down and teaching me how to actually play the guitar. To my girls Alexys and Innah and Bea, thank you for being there for the you-know-what's! Hahaha. Alam na. I swear I'd be with you the next time you drink by the blue house-- kung 'di pa rin siya mabebenta hahaha. We have been through so much together... we have seen each other's hearts getting broken. Alak lang katapat niyan. Saka 'onting ligo sa ulan.

To my boyfriend: I've been discreetly into you for eight years now. To tell you the truth, kahit may girlfriend ka, I always await your return every summer. I'm just so glad that I've finally had you. Now, it's time to let go. Please remember me. Please remember that I love you. Cheesy yihee

To Monica and Kit and Charlene and Hannah and Sofia: DO NOT FUCKIN LET MULTIPLY DISPOSE OF THOSE PHOTOGRAPHS. Also, you guys are so lame but I love you. Suckers.

To Jillian: You have always been Enemy No. 1 to me. But I love you as much as I hate you. When I'm gone, don't take all my stuff. Give some to Jared too, dumbass.

To Jared: Ang baho mo. I'm pretty sure your stench would reach wherever I will go to. If it does, well, it's kind of nice to feel your presence pero how would you get Andrea or Baby Joy to be your girlfriend? HAHAHA. Ate loves you, okay?

To Mama: I've left a letter in my drawer. Please read it. I love you, Mama.

And to whoever is reading this now: Hahahahahahahaha joke lang lahat. I'd live to witness the zombie apocalypse. There just come times when I want to let it all out, you know?

Also, I actually just want to show off my Person With Disability Card. I sucks to even think that people may treat me differently now that I am in possession of one. I'm sorry if I offended anyone with Lupus or other chronic illnesses in any way. I'm not really sarcastic, but sometimes there just are times when I subject things in a rude manner.

Anyway, hello 20% discount! Muhahahahahaha

Shawarma unsupervised

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This post marks the first time I had a shawarma. I just had to-- eating such beauty made me feel like one of the Avengers. Hahaha ilusyonada

Just as any other perstayms, I had my worries.

First, how the cow do you eat this? Is there a proper way of eating this? Do you bite a mouthful off like how you do a banana? Can you even treat it as if it were a banana, just plus the meatiness and minus the sweetness? Can you place it on the table, unroll it, and eat the contents maybe with some rice, employing the use of a spoon?

Second, is the paper wrapper edible? Why do they roll it with the pita in such a way that there's a humongous possibility for a devouring idiot to consume it? I was enjoying mine until I realized that I was nibbling on the paper wrapper too. Nice touch.

This is insane. I thought I was doing it wrong since the mayo was dripping the fuck out of its ass (huhu sayang). I just wish the shawarma was eaten the way it deserved to be eaten. Sorry, shawarma.

Third, even though I said yes when the attendants asked me if I would like mine spicy, it was not. I don't know. Maybe my Bicolano tongue was just bitching out. Still, Turk's was in red font so I was really expecting something super spicy, you know! Hahahaha birdbrain

Overall I would still prefer pizza, but if shawarma does contribute to the Avengers' super-ness, eh why not? Hihihi.

Roach Buster

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Last night, I felt so fuckin down and shitty. I decided that it may have been caused by the that messy pile of thingamabobs inhabiting my desk, so I decided to clean it up. Mum must be so proud.

I then found out that baby roaches (or so that's what I thought they were) have turned my musty old exams into their evil lair! I cannot decide as to whether it's a good thing or not to have not met their mum. Baka magalit sakin if she finds out that I've sent her dear babies away to the dumps.

Next post (probably): Death by An Enraged Mama Roach (I suck at these, don't I)


I bombarded (as in literally) the ever so innocent floor with my stuff then I started separating trash from non-trash. Goodbye old exams. Maybe the reason those roaches decided to turn you into their nest is because you guys stink huhuhu /wrist

I actually had to get a sako just so I would not have to bring the plastic bags one by one downstairs. Imagine those baby stinkies crawling out of the bag and onto you. *shudders*

I have fixed the chaos that once was my desk and now I feel refreshed whenever I see it. Hihi.

I also systematized (sort of) that thing I use as a storage.

Parang masarap na ulit mag-aral.

However chaos-free my universe may be that night, something still does not seem to be in order. 'Di ako mapakali. It's kind of too mushy and personal to disclose somewhere so public, so I decided to confide in my dear diary. It has been a long time since I've seen this fellow. Hello again!

Ugh :-(

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