Jay: Boyfriend for Hire

After so much bonggang delay, ΠΣ-ΠΣΔ's lobby game finally pushed through last Thursday (September 13)! This year, Movie Addicts focused on superheroes of both foreign and local origins. This year, I volunteered to prepare the PowerPoint presentation to avoid going through last year's hullabaloo (we crammed as if ugly imps were on our tails and in the end we were booed by the audience huhu).

We sure had fun setting up, though I do not think that the same can be said for our super industrious sister Jenor who was tasked to cut the stupid adhesive tape. I mean come on, who'd enjoy that crap?

The MC in demand, Jay Zantua / Jason Chua (lol)!
Jay was tasked to host the thing and the Ulupongs (his group of ulupung friends, who were also participants of the said game) was backing him up. Soon, the Ulupongs got the whole audience to cheer for him! Coolness.

The almighty Triskelions won the event, by the way.

Next thing I know, we were at McDonald's and Kums was listing down everyone's order. This actually was my first time (I think) bonding with them off school grounds. I honestly do not feel as if I'm part of the confraternity (though I legally am). I don't know-- that's just the way I am around organizations I am part of. What I did not know was that I was actually part of a family! I did not feel left out (unlike how I do around Samana and CCC and Rotaract). So it's just either that the socially awkward penguin in me is dying (poor thing) or that I just found my UP ohana. Hihihi (yuck ang landi tumawa).

At some point, we talked about Jay's newly erected yet still unofficial "fan base". I sort of came up with the idea of auctioning Jay for a day since our funds our slowly degenerating. Everyone was into the idea, but I don't think Jay likes it. He was silently smiling throughout the discussion so we assumed that he was not against it :D

I just hope that it would push through. We have already identified prospective bidders (the market's quite big, mind you) and we are already looking forward to a super heavy competition between Gela and Nani (two of Jay's biggest known admirers) if ever this pushes through.

I can already see $$$. Jay for sale! Jay for sale! Boyfriend for rent! Jay for sale!**

**Bidding is restricted only to those who are currently enrolled in UP Clark


(L to R)   Ian, Jenor, Jen, Kums, Aira, RA, Dan, Rich, Jay
(L to R)   Jen, Kums, Aira, RA, Jean (moi)
Dennis and Kiyoko: late comers! Boooo
Other News:   Inuman / Pusoy Dos session sa apartment ko woohoo

Hit the jump for the photobomb!

Kums, Aira
Jen, Jenor (na super nagtatago sa camera kasi her boyfriend can't know that she's with us lol)

S is for Swag. Oo, bawal mawala :)))

Emphasis on the eyeliner

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