Roach Buster

Last night, I felt so fuckin down and shitty. I decided that it may have been caused by the that messy pile of thingamabobs inhabiting my desk, so I decided to clean it up. Mum must be so proud.

I then found out that baby roaches (or so that's what I thought they were) have turned my musty old exams into their evil lair! I cannot decide as to whether it's a good thing or not to have not met their mum. Baka magalit sakin if she finds out that I've sent her dear babies away to the dumps.

Next post (probably): Death by An Enraged Mama Roach (I suck at these, don't I)


I bombarded (as in literally) the ever so innocent floor with my stuff then I started separating trash from non-trash. Goodbye old exams. Maybe the reason those roaches decided to turn you into their nest is because you guys stink huhuhu /wrist

I actually had to get a sako just so I would not have to bring the plastic bags one by one downstairs. Imagine those baby stinkies crawling out of the bag and onto you. *shudders*

I have fixed the chaos that once was my desk and now I feel refreshed whenever I see it. Hihi.

I also systematized (sort of) that thing I use as a storage.

Parang masarap na ulit mag-aral.

However chaos-free my universe may be that night, something still does not seem to be in order. 'Di ako mapakali. It's kind of too mushy and personal to disclose somewhere so public, so I decided to confide in my dear diary. It has been a long time since I've seen this fellow. Hello again!

Ugh :-(

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