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During my high school sophomore years, I hanged out with only two awkward butterfingers, Misato and Claire. No one would have probably supposed that the three of us would click since we have deviating personas: Misato's one of the school's heartthrobs; Clarianne's quite the big-deal smartypants (in fact, she's currently taking up Computer Science in UP Los Banos, one of the country's premier universities); and I was, well, I was the girl in the brown cotton jacket who emits dead air (hahaha).

However, since San Beda decided to inflict a P20,000 injury on its already-exploited students (tuition fee increased from 60k+ to 80k+ the next school year), Misato and Claire had to bade adieu to dear San Beda.

We barely see each other ever since.

Last night (September 1), Claire finally joined Misato and I in the I'm-permitted-to-watch-porn-na! bandwagon. Happy birthday baCla!

Misato and I decided that we'd commute together. Finally. A reunion.

We talked about so many things while on the way to Alabang, Misato and I. There were lots of updates regarding what happened to us in the last four years and there were lots of remember-that-time-when's, too. Ambivalence took over me. I thought that maybe it'd be proper to smile in retrospection but I also thought that a frown should be more appropriate. I was am sort of afraid that those dear moments might already be the dearest ones I would have with them and that nothing more grand would come. Reflecting on the fact that we once were in each other's super inner circle of friends yet not being able to witness as each one grows made my insides hurt. I am not certain of what happened.

I remember those times when we would stalk that freshman cutie, Ban. I had a little crush on that guy (pedophile once, pedophile forever) and whenever he's in sight, Misato would call on to him and Clarianne would freak smile at me. I remember when Misato used to call me Kokak and I'd answer back with a Bakit, Oinky? I remember imitating the way Claire sings. She sounds so lame (I'm not even sorry pero I love you hahaha).

We've had so many good times, but the ones I miss the most were those times Misato and I would come over to Claire's house so we could treat ourselves to a serving of halo-halo that we may have something to eat while we make our way to the hillview since Claire insisted that we see the lovely sight-- we were on top of the world (pero hill lang naman hahaha) and the stars were just above us! We do this often and sometimes we even stop by Edward's (Claire's busmate/freshie crush... pedophile din siya hahaha) crib and have him come with us. There even came a time na naiiyak na 'ko kasi sobrang kinikilig na ko sa kanilang dalawa :')

*queue Maalaala Mo Kaya soundtrack*

I would definitely relive those moments if I could. Right now, I'm just happy that I got to be with them even just for a couple of hours. I'm also kind of glad that there were no awkward moments-- these might have been due to the fact that I made Misato wait for me at Megamall for a little over an hour, earning me a nice deal of scolding. We were both smiling while she's scolding me, though. I failed at trying to display the sorry look. Screw me, right?

The elephant, the celebrant, and the pirate.

According to her, her gown was especially tailored by her grandmum for her. How cool was that?

I recently found out how overflowing with vanity this creature was.
'Di pa satisfied na maganda siya. Dana.
Inhabitants of Table 1: Colleen, Misato, me, and Claire (because yes she dined with us)
Claire introduced us to her Valley View Academy superpeer, Colleen Dumlao. She happened to be celebrating her 19th birthday that night! Sabay talaga eh. So we let her blow the blaze out of the centerpiece's candle muhahahaha para sisihin mamaya 'pag nagtaka yung organizers kung bakit walang sindi yung candle lol


Did I mention that the party took place in Starmalls, Alabang? Well, it did. I just realized that Starmalls pala was where my first field trip was held (nursery days woohoo). I still remember those silly rides I used to love back when I was a kid. Fourteen years have passed oh my God

Photo booth shotttts!

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