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Headbanging and desserts

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Sofia came over today to have jill fix her laptop i think but then i also think that that's not a reasonable excuse for her to crash into our house so i guess it's just her thing to crash into people's houses with no apparent reason at all

That's quite a weird hobby, sofia

Also, she brought with her her fuji instax camera her mum gave her and two photos were taken of us (well okay one and a half of me). Recently i have been taking over jill's responsibility of guest-sitting sofia because jill is always busy p.k.-ing people online

I got to keep the one on the left woo hoo thanks sofia! Also, thanks for giving me the idea of sticking memorabilia onto my wall


We also had some cheesecake and danced to all time low: straight to dvd (pretending like we're part of the mosh pit and all) and took some hipster photos of her

Pinahaba ko lang pero photo dump lang talaga 'to hihi

In quest of the christmas shindig

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Okay now where do i start

my  christmas shindig
The latter half of 2012 seems to hate me too much and so i never really looked forward to christmas cheering me up. I have been going through so much shit, or so i think i am, ewan, i think i'm beginning to forget how to actually live, tangina. I'm sort of tired of living but i sort of do not want to give up on it yet (no i'm not going suicidal here so shut up) and i hate staying here in limbo where neither happiness nor pain rapes the shit out of those in the limbo with me (hi!) so please take me away from this wretched plane fuck fuck fuck fuck

Okay heart guts or whoever you are your time is up now shoo



I was expecting Christmas 2012 to not cooperate with me because i was not able to save up for it and i was not able to buy / craft gifts for those i care about (ang dami niyo swear) and so the spirit of giving did not have sex with me this year and that made me feel very shitty about not giving a crap and i also was not able to complete the novena but i told myself twelve months ago that i would but still i did not and i think i'm not that christ-high anymore and i also think that i've only been going to church  for the sake of routine and that sucks and everything sucks and everything in between sucks though i am not sure what happened to those sucky fellows in between

Also i still feel shit about myself because this year i lost something i fucking wanted for eight (or nine?) fucking years and i almost got hold of it but yeah i still fucking lost it because i didn't wanta hold on to it harder because i'm so very fucking scared of killing it in my grasp (i hold on to things and i hurt things) so goodbye little birdyi hope you crash into a plane and die

Wow three paragraphs already? I did not see that coming i swear

So yeah in the end Christmas 2012 did not cooperate with me and that's okay since i'm not expecting anything from it anyway

I was on the hunt for that notorious christmas butterflies-in-the-stomach jazz (i swear i had them last year) so i decided i'd leave the house because i think some dude's presence has been keeping the festivity part of christmas away from anything within a mile radius from him. Sometimes i assume him to be a nazi so that i'd understand why he's acting that way but sometimes i can't because the rest of the family's not jewish and he looks nothing like hitler

I found my brother leeching off my aunt's wi-fi (connection's bad at home kasi jill's been hogging lé bandwidth). Also, i found out how psy ended up with a million views. Nice one, fanboy.

One of my aunts offered me carbonara and who was i to reject that offer eh? Carbonara's one of the food items officially banned from our house kasi "it uses white sauce and white sauce is fatty and you'll die if you have too much of it" (mama, nonverbatim). SEIZE THE MOMENT AND UNF

I also had some super moist chocolate cake whose recipe i wanted to ask for badly, however, the thing was something an aunt's colleague has given her kaya nope jean sorry no super moist chocolate cake recipe for you this time

All this while watching spider-man 3-- the one with kirsten dunst in it-- with my 10-year-old cousin who happened to be a one direction semi-aficionado. She narrated to me how taylor swift got that niall dude to cry just by calling him a pig (???) ewan i can't remember na basta

Tapos i was also able to make peace with her shitzu albus, who, from our previous encounters, was almost willing to bite my face off

Look. Annica painted its nails with glitter

Then came the time that i had to go home kasi i still had to prepare for this christmas mass where i got to see the person i was talking about earlier-- that one little birdy i wish would crash into a plane. I saw him and i think he saw me and when i was returning from communion (sorry for desecrating the body of your god though) there was no other way to get back to where i was staying pre-communion 'cept passing in front of him and so i psyched up my guts and passed in front of him and i was kind of glad that lighting was poor but then i think he still saw me but i hope he did not because i'd feel shit again if he'd think i'm making a super great deal out of it

Because i was actually making a super great deal out of it and i hate myself for doing so because i'm not supposed to

Shut up heart guts you're giving yourself away

Yuck ang bakla ng tawag ko heart guts

Shit i took of what i thought would be the most christmas-y thing that'll ever happen to me this christmas
When i got home, people were asleep already. Except for jill. She had lots of online massacre-ing to do with her online rpg persona so yeah no sleep for her

I wasn't about to give up yet so i gave that christmas shindig another chance to go on a date with me tonight and fired up the tv screen and gave it's a wonderful life a go because i heard that it's a movie you watch in christmas and the only thing christmas-y about it was the presence of snow, i think. I fell asleep halfway NOT because it sucked but because i was TIRED and i swear it didn't suck and the actors were doing quite well and they're all acting naturally and i think cinema's dying today

I guess i'd just see the other half of it next year

By christmas morn i was already losing hope and so i decided to let things fall apart. Fuck everything this year i'll be the grinch

Kaso tae

Three sets of relatives (by set i mean household) came over and there were children everywhere (okay not everywhere but i think five's a handful)! I'm one to hate children but i realized that the only children i'm not into petting are those that still can't walk and still cries a lot because let's face it-- they're fucking annoying and you wouldn't really ever know what to do with them

And so i discovered my new love for childrin

And i was only referring to those who can speak and think and sing and dance and eat and ask for some more food because they think they wanted some more food (and not because their mums wanted them to eat more)

Here's a photo of my goddaughter pledged to me even if i still have not found a source of income

"Sana'y 'di maging katulad mo, tulad mo na may pusong bato"
And here are more photos of what happened that morning-- most of which were taken by my bibong inaanak (pusong bato girl) Kim! Because no, she wouldn't let go of the camera and she wouldn't stop until she has taken a picture of everything in her horizon (i.e. ac unit, tiled floor, staircase)

You won't get him to leave the damned tub of buko pandan alone. Nope.

Obligatory self-portrait
Hihi ang kinis ko dito kasi blurred
ALSO, kim was the only one who was able to get jill's ass out of that office chair! YOU GO GIRL!

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You're one of the coolest professors i have ever had and i am so grateful to have known you and i admire your friendliness and your charm and your talents and your neverending support to those who have almost given up but did not anyway because you were there to psych everybody up when the world is teeming with bad vibes and your strength is super contagious and we will all really, really miss you.

Good luck on your journey, Sir David.

Post-halloween film marathon

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I know it's almost christmas but

tiktik (2012)

I’ve seen this flick weeks ago already but hey let me exploit the overly creative blog post title okay? I’ve seen this film in the cinema with shai and we were laughing half the time. The other half was spent transferring from seat to seat and exchanging annoyed looks because half of one girly couple (as in a couple of two girls) had her mobile phone pen light turned on throughout the movie and she sucked and i hated her because of that so please don’t ever do that in the cinema because it annoys the fuck out of other people. As for the viewing part of the experience, i was actually expecting 100% horror slash suspense material with a little dash of drama maybe since nobody ever really told me about it hopping onto the loveboat of comedy so i really loathed myself sort of for disregarding the fact that ramon bautista was in it and that ramon bautista was all about giggles and shit related to giggles. When it comes to visuals, i was kinda annoyed by the graphics since it was too realistic and too three-dimensional for me that everything looked unreal and everything looked as if it was made of non-shiny plastic and matté. The storyline wasn’t at all that awesome, but hey, screw dingdong, EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE HIS DOSE OF HOT PREGNANT LOVI POE SHOOTING UNEARTHLY CREATURES WITH WHAT SEEMED TO BE A SUPER DUPER HEAVY ARMALITE, YA?

28 days later (2002)

Zombie guts. Zombie guts and Cillian Murphy’s hot skinny bod because I am into hot skinny bods now and the Ninth Doctor were all here and it’s an apocalypse movie with zombielike creatures in it so I think people should watch it, really. Lots of pew-pews and sugar-overdosing and Valium-popping too! Sounds fun, eh?

the evil dead (1983)

Yuck. I would’ve taken a screenshot of it but i forgot i’ve zapped the .avi file out of the recycle bin forever.

the exorcist (1983)

This was not the first time i saw this film, but i never really understood any of it the first time i saw it because i was still a dumb little boy back then. The storyline does not really stand out—it was a straight to the point, “ahhh my child was possessed turn her back into a normal kid again oh wow that was quick thanks but sorry you died in the process” sort of film with no plot twists so i kinda got bored watching it but i’m not saying people should stop watching it or recommending it to other people because i think (I THINK) people living in the 70’s have not yet considered films like these to be cliché and i think that that’s a good enough reason to sort of suck, but please let the audience do some thinking goddamnit. Also, there are some graphic stuff in it so i think sadists or masochists or whatever-you-call-them-pain-loving-folks ists will sort of like it because yes there is blood involved.

triangle (2009)

This film is one huge mindfuck but then an hour and eight minutes into it you’ll think that you’ve already gotten the hang of it but you actually don’t because things get even more complicated after that. Whatever i will say next may or may not be a spoiler—if it is don’t tell me i didn’t tell you because i evidently did—but at first i thought Aeolus has sort of fallen into a time riff and Jess and Greg and the others were just painted with bad luck but in the end you’ll figure that this movie is really one hell of a mind boomer and that the screenwriter was a genius nutz. Besides the epic storyline may i just note that i found it super amazing how the people behind this film whoever they are were able to turn this shit into some sort of a horror film (but then i know not what i horror film truly is sorry for that)—WITHOUT PUTTING OUT THE SUN! Fucking awesome, right? However, if people are not actually into horror films and epic storylines, well, the actors are quite yummy (Jess and Vic and Greg especially) so i really think people should see this shit. Awesome, hot, crazy shit.

resident evil: retribution (2012)

It was frustrating to see how hot the actors were—the guys’ arms were super sexy and i loved catching glimpses of them because unf and alice had such a small frame which i can only wish to have as i think i will never ever get the motivation to actually go on a diet or exercise regularly or do whatever those healthy sexy fit people on telly say they do. Also, i wasn’t impressed by how alice’s epic ninja skillz suddenly skyrocketed from 100 to 2000 because that’s super unacceptable in the real world. There were lots scenes where i thought they are too shit fucked to survive but they survived anyway—i mean wow shit kulang nalang they shoot lazers out of their mouths or something. But i guess that is totally what they’d be doing the in the 6th instalment and man i wish it’d come out already.

poltergeist (1982)

I was supposed to finish this film with monica but we moved on to films with Ellen Page in it so i guess we forgot about this particular one but it was hanging out in my movie folder and since this was a post-halloween marathongs, why not, eh? So the only creepy thing in this film was the clown-like doll but i guess the animated tree put out all the creepiness. Ah, the 80’s. I learned lots about the other spectrum from this clairvoyant and i really think that this film served its educational purpose well. Also, portals!

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I was talking to myself and we were talking about you and how worthless of a piece of shit you are and why I liked you so much for so long and how i regret it now and how i really really hate you that i was already wishing you did better in school last term so you can finally transfer back to your hometown’s local uni because i really do not want you here and i just want to forget every shit about you and i would erase every freakin memory of you if i can so i was really hoping for that memory-erasing machine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to be real so i can already get away from the image of a poophead that is you. I really hate you and i wish that the earth would just open up and swallow you whole. But then i got out of the cab and there you were, talking so flawlessly to me as if you never did anything wrong. Fuck you for that. I hate you and i’m really glad those butterflies which usually peck on my guts whenever i see you or think of you or of your name have already died. They’re dead and i think i finally really got over you. But i still hate you. I hate you but the words escaped my mouth when you talked to me. I didn’t wanta talk to you but i did anyway. I swear i did it unconsciously. I really swear. I also really think that it was super dumb of you to ask me if i just arrived because i obviously did because darling where could have i came from stepping out of the cab. You’re really stupid, aren’t ya. What was that? Was that a shitty attempt to start a conversation? Were you at a loss for words? You shouldn’t have talked to me. I was forced to respond with a stale yes and turn immediately away from you. I’m tired of seeing your face and i hope that i just get to forget that shit of a face. I hope you go away as soon as possible. Please go away. Then don’t come back or something.

The Husbands

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Last night (November 24), Pau celebrated her 18th birthday in some bar in Tomas Morato. Two Lasalista birthday partsies in two consecutive nights and I still wonder why I'm so poor.

Although I did enjoy myself, last night's crowd was not my crowd (I only knew three people, one of whom was a new acquaintance) so after the 18 asdfghjkl proper, I stuck my butt to the sexy black leather/fauxleather/whatever couch.

Sofifi introduced my to Stef. When I found out that Stef plays in a band, I started mumbling about my rock star frustrations because puta I can't help but cry hysterically whenever I meet someone who actually plays in a band.

Pero joke lang yun syempre.

The three of us finally decided to form a band. Sofia came up with "The Husbands". Does it not sound cool? Hehe. Pero of course this shit would not last as I live/study so freakin far away from where they study.

At least we came up with a rad band name, right? Huhu

Shooting stars suck anyway

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The weird kid turned nineteen last 23rd and her Mum asked Monica and I to have dinner with thum.


I got her a bunch of vinyl records for her new turntable because that's how she rolls now. Mayabang-ly. Monica got her a copy of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children whatcamacallit. I think it was really nice of Monica to remind Hannah that she need not feel bad about herself for being the only peculiar kid in town because somewhere in the fiction wonderland, there exists peculiar kids too.


Here's Monica's super-pinaghirapang i-wrap gift being neglected and all hahaha

Monica brought a sky lantern so that we could celebrate Hannah's pagtanda with a little more cheese. Ganda nung pagkasunog oh.

Once the lantern disappeared into the night sky (charot ang mushy pakinggan) I decided to play around with the kids (onti lang) while Hannah and Monica converse. Tapos biglang may nag-appear na faling star and only Hannah and Monica saw it.

No biggy. Meteorite lang yan na nagsu-suicide so I don't care. Nor do the kids. Bleh

I'm still the tallest of the lot... not much of a surprise though

Hug. For all the trolling she's made hihi

I was not able to sleep over at her house because she won't let me because I've told her that I've got classes the next day. Boo 19 na feeling police pa rin

Woof woof

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The Tracey Fragments junk food night with Mocs and Char... after a super potato butt week.
I so do not deserve this.

Went to her den depressed, tapos went home even more depressed because Tracey's life was a fucking tornado.

It's a film with an Ellen Page in it so

Livin the healthy life uh huh

Bitch came half an hour before (my) takeoff. Rude!


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Something I did for almost four hours alongside lunch and psych soc interview queuing (yez I'm joining another lucky org woohoo low grades) and pee-pee breaks and random trips to the canteen and and and

Happening on November 24!
(Won't be there because I have to attend to other affairs on Saturday and mostly because I probably won't understand any of whatever speakers will have to say half of the time)

Credits to this girl for the shouting girl stock

Oo, may ma-post lang.

Traditional Art: Cheat Codes

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There was totally nothing to do for the term break aside from having my Comm 2 paper revised but come on this is supposed to be a break so no, paper, no. Let's just put that amateur artsy fart skillz to practice, yes?

Before school was out, I got myself a sexy ol' plain notebook which I have turned into a sketchpad-ish thingamabob. Really very handy. This I got from SM Clark Department Store because no it is not available in SM Marikina which made me really really sad because really, where would I get one if this cool guy runs out of pages?

Okay Jean you've done enough moping.

Moving on. I have got not much to show off, so since I rarely do, let me show my magical pencil case just this once, please? Well here we goez and you won't be able to do anything about it now because it is I who author this glob muhahahaha

Had you been a Twitter follower of mine (follow me! hehe shameless plug) since the time of Noah, you may have witnessed my total surrender to traditional arts because I found it really dilly ultra hard to deal with.


My first shot at trad arts was really sad (left). You can already hear the girl scream "why so serious". Had I not stopped vandalizing, Batman would have mistaken her for the real Joker.

Recently, however, I've learned some pretty rad cheat codes for trad arts noobies like me woohoo! I've been using Fabre Castel (I still do not know how to pronounce this k) watercolor pencils, to well, put the sketch to life. After that I'd wet it with lé magical sexy brush (it's so slim eh) and then poof! Magic!

Please note that the piece on the right was a digitally colored work. I'll put up some of those trad art pieces I have worked on once my sketch notebook runs out of pages (because I'll lose it eventually hahaha). Do not expect anything rad. Do not.

Screencaps: King Worm

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What can I say? This is a really messed up episode of Adventure Time! By the end of the show, you could not even tell whether or not Finn was still dreaming.

Here are the screencaps. You be the judge.

Also, I suggest you do not think about it tonight.

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