Shooting stars suck anyway

The weird kid turned nineteen last 23rd and her Mum asked Monica and I to have dinner with thum.


I got her a bunch of vinyl records for her new turntable because that's how she rolls now. Mayabang-ly. Monica got her a copy of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children whatcamacallit. I think it was really nice of Monica to remind Hannah that she need not feel bad about herself for being the only peculiar kid in town because somewhere in the fiction wonderland, there exists peculiar kids too.


Here's Monica's super-pinaghirapang i-wrap gift being neglected and all hahaha

Monica brought a sky lantern so that we could celebrate Hannah's pagtanda with a little more cheese. Ganda nung pagkasunog oh.

Once the lantern disappeared into the night sky (charot ang mushy pakinggan) I decided to play around with the kids (onti lang) while Hannah and Monica converse. Tapos biglang may nag-appear na faling star and only Hannah and Monica saw it.

No biggy. Meteorite lang yan na nagsu-suicide so I don't care. Nor do the kids. Bleh

I'm still the tallest of the lot... not much of a surprise though

Hug. For all the trolling she's made hihi

I was not able to sleep over at her house because she won't let me because I've told her that I've got classes the next day. Boo 19 na feeling police pa rin

Hope humped my leg so

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