To be honest, the exclamation point succeeding BICOL at the image above is very much untrustworthy. I did not enjoy myself at all.

This is the view from the back-most seat of the Sportivo. I hated the trip. The flexi-glass windows around me were lightly saturated with muck. The wrinkled roads could have overshadowed Vulcan himself in terms of ugliness.

I was not even overreacting.

As kids my sister and I were made to believe that the mermaid sitting atop this rock was legit!

Monica is such a wonderchild! She may have stopped believing in magical forest creatures, but her faith in intergalactic beings stays strong! Rock on, Miss Awesome!

Then came my much-awaited trip to the burukburukan! We later found out that it stemmed from a bigger river which I decided not to explorer anymore since I was the eldest of the adventurist bunch. This was one of those very few moments where I yearned for my sister's presence huhu

Jared and I got so bored Mum allowed us to venture to town and spend time in some internet café. So... this is a sad corpse of a doll we found while walking 'round the marketplace.

It comes alive at night.

Mum decided to bring the kids to Embarcadero... wrong move, though. Really... I have not been there for the last two years and they still have not yet finished, er, building the thing? Dear, don't you waste that Ayala-esque name for nothing!

Albay, Bicol
26 October to 03 November 2012

Sometimes I turn into my brother's personal foot rest

Saw this recently-renamed coliseum (?) during our Naga stopover

Was fascinated how big a deal Novo was

Our cousins have ceased climbing trees months ago, said their mum. They're still monkeys, though


My brother got so bored he decided to play Monopoly with himself. Wow.

My richest session yet!


Lahar, er, corpseseses

The clearest shot Mt. Mayon would ever let me take of her. Selfish thing...

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