The Husbands

Last night (November 24), Pau celebrated her 18th birthday in some bar in Tomas Morato. Two Lasalista birthday partsies in two consecutive nights and I still wonder why I'm so poor.

Although I did enjoy myself, last night's crowd was not my crowd (I only knew three people, one of whom was a new acquaintance) so after the 18 asdfghjkl proper, I stuck my butt to the sexy black leather/fauxleather/whatever couch.

Sofifi introduced my to Stef. When I found out that Stef plays in a band, I started mumbling about my rock star frustrations because puta I can't help but cry hysterically whenever I meet someone who actually plays in a band.

Pero joke lang yun syempre.

The three of us finally decided to form a band. Sofia came up with "The Husbands". Does it not sound cool? Hehe. Pero of course this shit would not last as I live/study so freakin far away from where they study.

At least we came up with a rad band name, right? Huhu

I never really delete blurred shots because blurred shot rock so here's a blurred photo of the debutante!

The room was filled with neon-colored balloons and fuzzy wires and light stick bracelets woohoo!

Le Telegrama bassist Stef:

Stef has ultra smooth skin! I mean super really velvety smooth!

Thanks for the arm candies, Sofia! hihihihihiihi

We got a little bored and I felt a little out of place so we decided to have a lookbook-ish shoot outside and these are what we came up with k yuck vain

Is not Sofia's outfit just the coolest?! Eh siya na rock star

Stef swagger

The rears

Okay so what creature is this? HAHAHA


Obligatory picture-muna-before-we-part cab shot

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