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Team D

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Post- exam / LOR assembly lunch, three days ago. Well, it has been a while.

Also, hi there. I missed you. I think I may have lost the ability to engage in all these social shit, so I'd like to apologize for acting quite awkwardly around you. I didn't mean to appear aloof!!! Really!!! Huhu

24 May 2014 

Unlikely union

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Picture your ideal date. Now picture having it with someone you've never personally met before. 
Sounds insanely cool, doesn't it? 

See, the plan was that I meet up with Isa, grab some fries, and then head off to UP Diliman to see the fire trees. But stuff happened! The next thing I know, I was holding on to a placard, hollering anti-TOFI chants (and making sorry attempts to cover my face with my balabal so that ermat won't see me on the evening news). More stuff happened and we found ourselves engaging in an educational discussion regarding the superstructure. This is my thing, man. This is my thing!

I thought the day couldn't get any better, but boy, do I only know so much. 

Post-rally/ED selfie

We sort of got hungry after all of that energy-draining shit, and so we decided to raid Area 2 for something to eat. Along the way, a tarpaulin jumped at us and dragged us into the Bulwagan ng Dangal museum, indulging us visually with such palatable pieces! Dammit. Isa started interpreting some of the installations, and so I went along and gave playing curator a go. I suck at interpreting stuff, so.


That was okay, tho! I'm more than glad to have huddled a bunch of ideas from dem art pieces hihihi.

As if one distraction wasn't enough, while walking near SC, I saw the Damitan ni Antonia's boutique, and, having seen their stuff on friends' blogs, I decided to take a glimpse of what they have to offer. I should have known that their stuff weren't the kind of stuff I dig, tho. My date (am I allowed to say that now?) and I seemed to have involuntary tiptoed to the book shop adjacent to Antonia, where we spent several minutes just admiring stuff.

It hurt that I had to leave the shop empty-handed, as Isa had already got me too interested in this Philosophy thingamajigum that I really, really wanted to get myself something that'd help me feed my brain guts with stuff that'd regard the field.

Dammit. I hate being penniless.

To betray our tummies no more, we finally went on a siomai-milk tea-shake date in Area 2. We also took a trip to the track field to admire the view, where we saw a bunch of couples doing their couple thing. We also got to watch a guy fulfill his third wheel duties. Well, by this time, Isa was starting to invite one of her friends over for a drink, and so I thought to myself, uy, malapit na rin third wheel duty ko. Lol.


During our session in Kambingan I didn't get much of that third wheel vibe! Sure they were a couple, but damn, just listen to them throw philosophical shtuff at one another! It's heavily intellectually intoxicating.

That day was a very rad day. 

24 May 2014 

Remember Pizza

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Yesterday was mother's day. 

Previously, long before such days come, my savings have already been reduced to dust and burgis frustrations because hurrah, it’s summer break.

But strangely enough this year it’s different? Idek why? For some reason I was able to amass enough dough to get something for ermat? Asfkladsfklajskf

And so I made it a point to do something special for her this time.

It was a good thing that she went out on a date with her mars otherwise Jared and I wouldn’t have been able to go out and get her cake without rousing suspicions.

And so we got her cake. And had some photos of us developed.

Cakes don’t last, so I asked Jared to make a card for ermat. I lent him my cheap watercolor set and taught him how to work out the water / palette relationship. I’m a super duper proud ate because he was really rocking the thing! When I asked him what he’d be putting at the blank halfspread he responded with “pizza”. Lol. He was making sure that mama wouldn’t forget to order that thing that day.

(We always have pizza on Sundays.)

And guess what? We had pizza! Life rocks.

I wasn’t able to take a photo of the finished card tho. Jared ran up to mama the instant he finished writing his regards because as it turns out, he referred to Jill and I as monkeys.


It was overly fulfilling hearing ermat laugh so heartily again.

May 12, 2014

Ad lib

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Two days ago, after a bunch of crudely planned date nights that eventually (and mighty grudgingly) had to be aborted, I have, finally, been able to get together with my Padawans.

Woo hoo.

Everything happened on a whim.

I remember lashing out my tapsilog-craving-driven frustration on social media (excuse moi for being so arti arti), blacking out, then suddenly finding myself seated with Hannah and Monica at a Tapsi ni Vivian joint somewhere in Marikina. Cool.

We got to catch up on a lot of things—newfound hobbies, art, deteriorating love affairs, subcultures… pretty much just basic shtuff found on the life lately list. There’s so much to say, but I honestly didn’t know where to start, and had, in the end, decided to sort of just shut up.

Do you know how it feels like having (and soon giving in to) the urge to intervene with your own talking just because suddenly there’s this need to present a back story such that no holes will appear? Yes? Well, suck on that. No worries, tho, you’re not alone.

I’m a pretty lousy storyteller. If there’s one thing I’m good at in this field it’ll be messing up my chum’s mental construction of timelines. I say a lot of irrelevant shit, and since we’ve very limited time that night, I didn’t say much about the dude I’ve got my eyes on.

(Ew, mush.)

I found it excruciatingly tricky trying to focus on one thing with all these strips of memories suddenly turning up in my brain guts.

(Ew, more mush.)


In other news, we’ve visited a mighty prissy cupcake saloon sitting nearby.

May 12, 2014


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Look, I made a thing! 
(Which roughly translates to: Hey look at me making a sorry attempt to work out my relationship with cheap watercolor.) 

Two days ago I finally got to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013) aaaaand I find it heavily amusing

/Dances for no reason at all 

(Also: art! Well, sort of.)


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Hi. Do listen to me rant. 

Three weeks ago, I was slumped at the butt end of our family Sportivo wondering when and where the next pit stop will present itself. I didn’t sign up for this shit. Thankfully (and oddly enough) I wasn’t all that cranky on top of all the bickering I have pocketed from both of my parents the nights prior to the trip.

(The thought that I’ve pawned them throughout the affair might have been the reason for this—I have hurled onto them mighty sound arguments that the only thing they could do in the end was cram a lousy SHUT UP to my face and hiss at me. I’m not in any way mocking them behind their backs, no. I just find their knee-jerking too amusing. Lol. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve rattled them with the way I was so composed back then.)

(It was a pretty interesting chain of verbal brawls, mind you, but I’d rather not discuss it now. Maybe sometime I would, if I get to scrape up enough agitation to.)

Besides that, there are a shit ton of other reasons why I disliked the idea of going on a trip to Bicol... and having to do so in their company.

For one, I have already declared that I have no intention of joining them. Doing otherwise would really suck as I have had the need to earn their respect given my previous actions. Lol. And nej, this ain’t a matter of pride. It’s more on safeguarding my dignity.

Also, the last time I was there I had nothing to do but warm the couch. I potato-ed. For someone so animated (or so at least I believe I am), I couldn’t, for the life of me, put up with that again.

Still, I’m not the man of the house, and sadly, the whole household had to submit itself to the interest of that who bears the iron fist.

Or die.

(De joke.)

(But still. I’d assume you’d caught my drift.)

And so I had to take it like a bitch.


All these fretting aside, though, I still presume that the world is not going to run out of good thingamajigum, and, being the cheerful shit that I am, I counted on that. So don’t round me off as a misanthropic fuck yet.

Somehow I managed to find stuff to take joy in: food, frivolous toddlers, being surrounded by nothing but trees, silly farm animals, silly dogs, more food, the ocean, traditional chocolate tablea, bukayo (!), and souvenir hoarding, among others.

Be that as it may, I suppose that feeling so morally beat, along with being sort of obligated to—surprise, surprise—bum around, yet again, was too strong a downer for me to get myself high on those stuff.

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