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Too much coffee

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Today i woke up filled with good vibes because last night, i dreamed about awesome things! It came in three hunks, or so i think—we all know how people tend to forget most of the shit that happen in their dreams—for i can only recall three. Maybe i had more?

Scene 1
I can’t actually remember if i was part of this one. The TARDIS was flooded, and Rory was in it. I know that Rory knows that there is something wrong because the Doctor wasn’t around. Amy also wasn’t at the scene, and although she could easily be my favourite companion, i didn't find anything wrong with her absence. Weird. See, this was my mind’s jazz of comforting me because i may still have separation issues with the Ponds, and it might have sensed my misery caused by the lack of new Doctor Who episodes to watch. Moffat will slowly drive me nuts

Scene 2
Recently, i got to conduct a RareJob sesh with a student who apparently shares the same interests with me. We talked about music and guitar-playing, but between the two of us, i was the one who had to be the frustrated rockstar. See, he plays in a band! He even shared to me the link to one of their videos. It got me hooked, so i got more interested in him (no malice!!!1!). The vid features a cover photo, but not all faces are visible. I never really got to see my student’s Skype profile photo because it didn’t feature his whole face, so i got really intrigued about how he really looks like! Last night, i dreamed of him. He was using his Skype profile photo face, and so i guess this was my mind dictating to me that he was the curly-haired guy in the middle of the cover photo of the video. What the hell, brain

Scene 3
Earlier today i woke up to my sister’s alarm. As usual, it failed to wake her up. This time though, it didn’t bother me that she did not punch the snooze button as soon as she can (and without me kicking her badonkadonk), because her alarm tune was P!ATD’s New Perspective! The song has been released only a few years ago, but somehow hearing it again (after a very long time of not hearing it!) gave me a rush of nostalgia—that’s something anybody would really like to wake up to, right? Due to my lazy ass issues, i fell asleep listening to it (early-morning lethargy, everyone). And then i dreamed of Rob Cham’s art. And everything was beautiful. I had a strong feeling that i should develop a style pretty similar to his, but of course i cannot do that—sadly i do not have the imagination and skills to, at the moment. Right now i suck at blending colors of the same hue, and i suck at sketching random-ass odd-looking creatures. Seriously, if i were given the chance to have somebody else’s art skillz, i’d choose his muhaha huhu

Rob Cham's Confictura on NeonMob

Shit limbs

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fauntaur on deviantArt

A ~RunsOnPixiStix OC i made for The Sketch Society's June swap
I didn't realize how shit her limbs are until i finished digitally coloring the thing

Maybe i should start drawing armless folks. That'd be cute

V Sauce

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Recently, i've been juicing my brain with the help of this:

The world is a very rich place. So is our minds. But is yours rich enough to not explode?

Moar plez!

June 3

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  • Today i was supposed to report to my physician, but i wasn’t able to because she had already left when i got to the medical center. What a downer. My punctuality’s long been irreparably damaged okay go away
  • Since i didn’t want to waste the time i spent to take a bath, i decided i’d finally open up a payroll account in BPI. It’s an independent contractor thing. See, THE LENGTH OF THE QUEUE ALMOST DROVE ME CRAZY, but things suddenly become better when u stumble upon something familiar. I think that the freakin BPI unit is currently under the management of one of my previous high school schoolmates—Kevin Yuchengco! Well, i assumed that he IS the manager because he kept making rounds and the BPI folks kept on asking for his assistance. I wasn’t quite sure at first if he remembered me, but he kept looking at me and we kept smiling at each other (hoy no malice). After an hour and a half of waiting in line, i submitted my endorsement letter to the guy at the desk. Sir Kevin walked up behind him and asked me if i was from Beda. “Yep.” “Anong course?” “No, schoolmate kita sa Beda High.” “Ohhh. San ka na ngayon?” “UP Pampanga.” “Hnng. Layo. *makes face*

A sketch of my co-queues. All of us are queue haters. So technically we hate ourselves.

  • At half past five, i started panicking because i was supposed to have a tutoring session at 5 freakin pm today. Needless to say, i missed it, and when i got home i found out that four out of the five classes i was supposed to hold today were cancelled. Pakyu ka naman kasi Jean eh
  • As i waited for my session close in, i realized that i have not yet done anything special for Bad Wolf Day aside from publishing "bad wolf" texts in social media sites. (It’s a Whovian thing.) So i defaced the wall sorry. Also, my camera’s busted so i made use of my laptop’s built-in webcam instead sorry forever

  • My student was a housewife and i found her voice so soothing, it drove all the bad vibes away. Harigatou, Housewife-san!
  • The session ended at seven-thirty, and at seven-thirty i was SUPPOSED TO ATTEND MY FREAKIN ZUMBA CLASS. I landed at Marikina Sports Center (or Marikina Sports Complex or Marikina Oval—whicever you prefer... dat shit has a lot of monikers) at exactly 8pm. I “wasn’t” able to make it to the zumba class, so i decided to take aerobics instead. It was a lot less challenging and i hated it. Also, i hated myself. Punctuality issues guys. Aside from all the hate, i felt SUPER BAD (note the emphasis) for not getting to attend the zumba class. I admit that i have a little crush on kuya zumba instructor and i felt really, really bad not seeing him do his thing
  • Sofia was supposed to come with me today, but she wasn’t able to make it because she just got home from school. That was okay. Anyway i got to see Mrs. Gamatero, my maths teacher back in high school. I’m glad that she still knows me by name, considering the number of students that she has already handled. We talked for a short while, and she asked me the inevitable question. Dun dun dunnnnn. “San ka na ba ngayon?” Of course, i was hesitant to answer at first because i know that she is a UP Diliman graduate. Pero soon i told her anyway, and for the second time today i received a very familiar response. “Hnng. Layo. *makes face*
  • As soon as the session was over, i went to the area where they hold the zumba classes and waited for the class to end. I would have approached kuya zumba instructor to ask about the schedule, but he was too busy conversing with two of his students, so i approached ateng taga-collect ng money instead
  • And so came the highlight of the day. Mr. Instructor butted in! He informed me about the schedule and asked me to attend his classes. THIS WILL MOST LIKELY END IN A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL, RIGHT?  Please say yes. Don’t break my heart. I love his goatee and i love that he dances. Mind you, he dances in a very masculine way. The only thing i hate about him was that his voice was the same with one of my UP professors, Prof. Rion Patawaran. If you’ve already heard him talk, you’d conclude that his voice (Prof. Patawaran's) SORT OF* sounded homo! *Again, please note the emphasis

I wish kuya zumba instructor isn’t actually gay. I can hope, right? If he is, i’m afraid i’ll have a SUPER hard time ditching this mega attraction to gay people. You’re such wonderful creatures, but STOP BEING SO FREAKIN FABULOUS, LGBT!


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June 2

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Today marks the first day i officially teach as an English tutor (my English isn't even that good lol). Below is a candid photo of me expressing how tired i was after everything i've, erm, uhm, accomplished today (nope, still doesn't seem to be the right term... but anyway)

Earlier today, i had a hard time enjoying my lunch, for my heart wouldn't chill the shit out. I was to meet my first student at 1 in the afternoon and i swear to whoever is up there that the last time i experienced such o.a. palpitation was back when i consumed too much flattery and too much alcohol all at the same time

I super hated the feeling of butterflies pterodactyls partying inside my tummy as if an asteroid would hit the god freaking Earth and freeze them to extinction (oh wait--). They surely did mess up my guts

As with any first-timers, heinous screw-ups are unfortunately inevitable, and so i shall share how mine went. Without fully understanding what the codes meant, i mindlessly clicked on the "Absent" button because i forgot that it would result to a code 208 because lol stupid me. I wish it'd just turn into a big-ass shiny red button that screams don't freakin hit me i'll give u a 208 lol

An ugly scar on my flawless skin. Chos

That, however, was still  not the stupidest decision i made. See, i made a really shit move of opening CONSECUTIVE slots in my initial schedule, so i barely had time to go through all the tutoring notes / recommended materials to be used for (almost) every session

To be honest, that wasn't a super great concern at first since at first glance i only had one slot booked. However, as we advance to the tragic story of how i realized how stupid i was, unbooked sessions started popping up every time i refreshed the freakin page

And then i died

During the third session, i realized how easy it was to deal with this shit. Getting too excited while at the same time overly nervous was, in fact, totally unnecessary because in the end you'll just get to grin that evil grin when you ask yourself, "who's the freakin boss?"

Also, although the thought of English-pro students might intimidate you, as long as you are being sane, things will go well! I was even able to find my almost-soulmate hihi landi. Yep. Turns out Student #5 and i share the same interests: rock bands, jogging, amateur guitar-playing (lol huhu) wala lang gusto ko lang sabihin bye


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Let me explode for a sec

Up to now i still do now know what grade i got for BM 99.2 and it’s really crucial that i find the shit out what it is because it will determine the length of my stay in UP Clark. See, it’s a prerequisite for two of the courses i’m planning to take up this sem and i swear i’d kill to get a passing grade (and i really, really regret not taking that course seriously, *sob*)

I hate myself

Yep this is a self-hate post u fuck

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