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Alcohol, weird faces, happy meals, fan girling

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For the past three weeks, I've been overflowing with good vibes. Apparently it has manifested in the stuff that has happened to me in the previous days 

Titans, doughnuts, and a huge-ass box of pizza

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September 24 
| Tuesday 

This day is overflowing with good vibes. I feel so gay right now 

Marxists, time travelers, winged creatures, and lone folks

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Last week I've gone to the cinema twice. It might have left my purse emaciated, but I swear to the universe it was all worth it. On the weekends I accidentally started procrastinating again and indulged myself in film trailers, short films, and documentaries

Dammit I'm so happy right now

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September 22 
| Bahay 

Today, Sofia came over. She braved the rain to deliver tonsillitis and overly pretty glow-in-the-dark wall decals. I seriously woke up to the sight of her. She was there 'til sunset, so basically she was the primal reason why I was not able to take a bath 

September 20

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Photo dump 
| UP Clark Library 

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On conservatism

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Last Thursday, September 19th, our confraternity, Pi Sigma - Pi Sigma Delta, held a forum at UP Clark's lobby regarding pork and cuts. We were able to organize dat shit despite huge-ass time constraints. A bunch of students sat in to listen to what Student Regent Krista Melgarejo had to say. It went smoothly, I think

(It should have. I dedicated my time preparing for it instead of reviewing for my BM 161 exam which was to take place on the same day we held the forum)

Street folk

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| 17 September 2013 
| Hacienda Superclub, Angeles, Pampanga 
| Organized by UP Triskelion 

This is basically a photo dump


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Last September 15, I attended a worship service slash baptism. Such character cannot be seen in me, I think, considering that a pretty huge bunch of my college schoolmates has already asked me if I'm an atheist, but when it comes to spiritual stuff, I fall for things


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The pork barrel scam has been the issue for the past months. All sectors of the society is pretty much affected by it, well, in the Philippine setting, at least. It is necessary, however, that our folks get to know it better (e.g. criticizing not only the PDAF but also the presidential funds) and get to look at the picture as a whole (and maybe from a new perspective?). Ever encountered the term bureaucrat capitalism? Ever wondered how such mechanism protect and serve the interests of the ruling class by maintaining such a shitty system?

Yeah... it's our confraternity's (Pi Sigma - Pi Sigma Delta) goal to raise social awareness among the folks from our school, so we'll be conducting a forum regarding the matter tomorrow. Uso short notice ngayon huhu

And so

With the help of my collective, I did some organizing in UP Clark. In an effort to get their attention, I've also shopped a photo into that because people love illustrations and all that eye-indulging shit. I swear I did my best editing *cough* given the limited time lol *cough* while trying to work out how to lobby six more non-pork issues

We've also invited a bigatin identity (UP Student Regent Krista Melgarejo) to speak before the people because it's time to let our student council chairperson know that all these social issues I've been trying to raise is freakin importanté. I'm tired of being ignored, goddammit. These social issues must be given the proper amount of attention to AND YOU MUST KNOW THATTTT



Today I went on an impromptu window shopping gig with Monica in Metrowalk. We were to throw in shebangs of moral support to some of her schoolmates who own one of the boutiques in the event

Sadly we were poor penniless vagabonds scouring the bazaar for possible traces of cheap finds. Going home without having to bag anything sux bulbs. I was starting to feel all crummy when I suddenly remembered that I have stuck a bunch of darling little $$$ in one of the file packets I had with me. THANK YOU, PAST SELF

And so we rummaged through all the stuff. There were lots of stuff, but I didn't have much fun imagining me using them (lol) because most were chic fad stuff stuff and I'm not really into those stuff because being so would require so much maintenance and so much $$$

I (really) enjoyed looking at them, though. So many stuff had pretty patterns and colors on them, they were almost inspiring! Actually, they were inspiring, but I do not have much need for inspiration at that moment because I was busy window shopping and imagining stuff on me

But to be honest, I found a bunch of skirts quite enchanting, and despite declaring an ultimatum a little over a year ago that I'll try to dress as girly as I can, dahil nga vuma-vagabond moments ako kahapon, ayun, I had to ditch the idea of purchasing stuff on impulse because I only had little $$$ on me and I fear that I might regret my decision later when I spot some more stuff I would prefer more than those stuff

I have a bit of impulse issues, so I thank Monica for being such a mum that day. Love you, mum!

After going through almost all the merch in the bazaar, I decided that I'd finally go back to that one booth that sells some pretty curious stuff. They sell Guy Fawkes masks, peculiar accessories, some fun flashy purse that screams childhood stufffff!!!!!, and some more oddballs!!!

These are the stuff eye bought off their stall (ba dum tss)

  • Eyeball ring, Php250
  • Highlighter yellow-colored anchor earrings because I love highlighter yellow and nautical stuff, P60
  • Eyeball thingy earrings, P80

Check them out on Facebook!

One of the minor reasons I agreed to going on a bazaar date with Monica that day was that one of our friends went there the day before we did, purchased a bunch of handsome little pastillas, and posted a picture of them darlings on Instagram. Long story short nainggit ang lola niyo

I got a dozen of them for P90. The folks behind the counter claimed that the treats had chocolate/caramel fillings, but when Mocs and I tried some, we didn't really feel le aforementioned fillings. That didn't matter, though. I was already expecting my mum to give another lecture on why sweets are almost evil, but when I presented these to her, she surpringly liked them! She said (and even I claim) that the sweetness was just right. Yay

Now you better check them out on Facebook too

We also made a trip to
  • a sex shop that sells a variety of, er, sex stuff
  • a DVD store stall where I bought copies of Doctor freakin Who (yay), and
  • a Japanese stuff shop that sells overpriced Japanese stuff

We talked about a lot of personal shit on the way to Junction, and since bitin ang ride, we had an impromptu keep-the-ball-rolling date at a convenience store so that we can talk about more stuff

I enjoyed spending my day with you. Sorry for taking over the conversation most of the time again. Please be reminded that you have all the power to shut me up, I'll understand hahaha

08 September 2013
Manila Sundance Bazaar
Metrotent, Ortigas

Espresso coffee, steamed milk, human heart


Despite of all the hassle Monica draws from acad-related shit, she still seemed to find time to hunt for enthralling, artsy fartsy dining spots, so i guess it can be concluded that she really has decided to take this delicatessen-hunting jazz seriously. I'm glad that she has found her new passion yihee (I still miss the emo kid in you, though)

Earlier today, we had coffee at Café Nui. It was formerly known as Biksa Café, pero apparently it underwent a change of management sans a change in both moniker and interior. Mocs had read about it it in some food blog that featured Marikina food hunter go-to's, and noted that the interior had lost a lot of ornamentation. It didn't bother me, though. Artworks were still fastened to the wall, but it was sort of unfulfilling to see only three sets of styles embedded in the pieces. There wasn't much variety, plus i wasn't able to understand fully appreciate the contemporary works. I think I just need to enhance my ability to communicate with visual art pieces... if i even have such in the first place haha

Chause. Mukhang bigla akong magcri-critic-critican dito hahaha

Sure, the place sported a bunch butt-friendly upholstery, but we sort of wanted to try out the duyan-esque love seat that appeared to be made of abaca. I don't know about Monica, pero I was attracted to its roof. Parang ang sarap magbahay-bahayan and stuff eh. Unfortunately, they only had two pieces of those: one was exposed to metropolitan shit because it was situated outside the café, while the one situated inside was already occupied

I had a cup of cappuccino (P75) and a piece of their velvet cupcake topped with zesty cream cheese frosting (P55). I do not have enough basis to judge their cappuccino, but i think that the syrup they have provided wasn't enough. The cupcake on the other hand lacked velvety and the cream cheese frosting had the right amount of sourness. It went kind of well with the cappuccino's bitterness

Ang feeler ko talaga hahahaha

Monica had a cup of white hot chocolate and a serving of spicy tuna pasta with mushroom sauce. I have to admit that I wish I just asked for a cup of what Monica had instead

Look at my drink, though-- it flaunted a silhouette of a heart! A real human heart

Obligatory selfie

I didn't have enough guts to take photos of the place. Here's the best one I can come up with

The best bit was that we were able to, erm, do (rather, talk about) lots of things. Apparently, four hours wasn't enough, but we just had to go because the staff were shooing us in the most placid manner they can, but they suck at trying to be cryptic. I appreciate their effort to be all suave, though

Also, we sang along to songs on dat The Voice app! Thank you Monica for telling me that I can be heard all over the place right after I finish singing the song. Thank you for not interrupting my singing. I know you wouldn't want the rest of the café's customers to miss my singing yelping skillz

By the way, you sound like a cat giving birth to a cow

02 September 2013
Café Nui
Marikina City

August 27: Pinoyfest 2013

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Three days after Rockstruck, UP SAMANA held its major event in SM City Clark Cinema 5 naman. As i was a member of this org din, imagine how emaciated my wallet looked during solicitation week

August 24: Rockstruck 2013

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Last week, UP Psychology Society (the org i was just recently initiated into, yihee) held its major event in Bale Bula Bula, Sandra Mall, Angeles City 

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