Titans, doughnuts, and a huge-ass box of pizza

September 24 
| Tuesday 

This day is overflowing with good vibes. I feel so gay right now 


Some time in the afternoon, I started watching the first episode of Shingeki no Kyojin hoping that Jared would stop doing his stuff, sit in, and watch it with me. I actually got what I wanted. The animé may not be something young children are supposed to watch, but screw it. I got my little brother to read the subtitles and maybe this could be the key to actually make him read stuff without forcing to do something he's not really into 

Ten points to all things macabre! 



Today I also went on an impromptu date with Monica. I met up with her at Neptune's, and she introduced me to her org barkada. They seemed to be really fun fellows so I enjoyed having them around

Then came the time when they had to adjourn and Monica and I had to grab something to eat. She introduced me to Cello's doughnuts

Mocs and I also traded copies of our school papers. I got a pretty glossy one, but I wasn't that satisfied with its contents...

Spot the cup of coffee 

I came home to the sight of this:

Dammit my mum knows how to manipulate us


Ugh I'm teeming with good vibes right now stahp

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