August 24: Rockstruck 2013

Last week, UP Psychology Society (the org i was just recently initiated into, yihee) held its major event in Bale Bula Bula, Sandra Mall, Angeles City 

Prior to the event, i took myself on a solo date around some cheapipay mall seated a few blocks away from the venue. Had lots of time back then on my back because surprisingly, for that particular day, besides having heavy punctuality issues, i happened to emit ultrahigh (as in ultrahigh) levels of early bird vibes. Six yung start nung event, pero i got there at 12 what the fuck

I got my ass back in Bale Bula Bula just before the rain fell yay

It took a while before the place was packed. Pero seriously, at first i thought majority of the seats would be left unoccupied for the night! I myself had a tough time inviting folks over because our event coincided with a Grassroots gig

For most part, i wandered around the venue because i can't seem to find a spot i can plant my ass into idk why. Pero finally i got myself a seat at the section farthest the stage pero k lang kita naman si crush eh yihee

This was the first time i'd be attending a Rockstruck event, and although i enjoyed it, i wasn't quite satisfied with the judges' decisions. Hihi basta huhu

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2 Responses to “August 24: Rockstruck 2013”

  1. feeling ko biased ka, kaya di ka satisfied sa result haha

    1. Oy none of the orgs i am a member of participated in this particular event!!! There's no reason for me to be biased. Hahaha


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