Street folk

| 17 September 2013 
| Hacienda Superclub, Angeles, Pampanga 
| Organized by UP Triskelion 

This is basically a photo dump

My turf: UP SAMANA

Angas blindfold moment nila Frenz, Xenon, and some other dude

Ladies' beer drinking contest

Lakan, the night's champs

Elijah is the ultimate Psych Soc fan boy

My turf ulit: UP Psychology Society. Look at how they fly

Kappa Sigma - Kappa Delta Sigma's lolo Teddy and lola Monica! I never really expected Teddy to have such rad dancing skillz

Obligatory biselfie

UP Psych Soc's best male dancer, Sai. Siya na star of the night. He's so freakin hot unf

Gela trying to fan out the heat. Si Sai kasi eh hihihihihi I feel you~

UP SAMANA's Jec. Galing ng batang 'to huhu. She took over the stage and utilized every corner of it unlike her competitors who were stationary in one spot muhaha

Org heads also had their own, er, contest. Here's Aira Lugs, Pi Sigma Delta represent


Shella Gumamela and friends: Otep, Yan Yan, DJ, Bosch, Mark, Tim, and Jocas

DJ trying to strike a pose aklsjdfkljaskfsdfj

Past-midnight snack with Dabeerks++ (yep I still don't get why there had to be two /e/'s haha), Dar's treat. Happy birthday, Dar!

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