Espresso coffee, steamed milk, human heart

Despite of all the hassle Monica draws from acad-related shit, she still seemed to find time to hunt for enthralling, artsy fartsy dining spots, so i guess it can be concluded that she really has decided to take this delicatessen-hunting jazz seriously. I'm glad that she has found her new passion yihee (I still miss the emo kid in you, though)

Earlier today, we had coffee at Café Nui. It was formerly known as Biksa Café, pero apparently it underwent a change of management sans a change in both moniker and interior. Mocs had read about it it in some food blog that featured Marikina food hunter go-to's, and noted that the interior had lost a lot of ornamentation. It didn't bother me, though. Artworks were still fastened to the wall, but it was sort of unfulfilling to see only three sets of styles embedded in the pieces. There wasn't much variety, plus i wasn't able to understand fully appreciate the contemporary works. I think I just need to enhance my ability to communicate with visual art pieces... if i even have such in the first place haha

Chause. Mukhang bigla akong magcri-critic-critican dito hahaha

Sure, the place sported a bunch butt-friendly upholstery, but we sort of wanted to try out the duyan-esque love seat that appeared to be made of abaca. I don't know about Monica, pero I was attracted to its roof. Parang ang sarap magbahay-bahayan and stuff eh. Unfortunately, they only had two pieces of those: one was exposed to metropolitan shit because it was situated outside the café, while the one situated inside was already occupied

I had a cup of cappuccino (P75) and a piece of their velvet cupcake topped with zesty cream cheese frosting (P55). I do not have enough basis to judge their cappuccino, but i think that the syrup they have provided wasn't enough. The cupcake on the other hand lacked velvety and the cream cheese frosting had the right amount of sourness. It went kind of well with the cappuccino's bitterness

Ang feeler ko talaga hahahaha

Monica had a cup of white hot chocolate and a serving of spicy tuna pasta with mushroom sauce. I have to admit that I wish I just asked for a cup of what Monica had instead

Look at my drink, though-- it flaunted a silhouette of a heart! A real human heart

Obligatory selfie

I didn't have enough guts to take photos of the place. Here's the best one I can come up with

The best bit was that we were able to, erm, do (rather, talk about) lots of things. Apparently, four hours wasn't enough, but we just had to go because the staff were shooing us in the most placid manner they can, but they suck at trying to be cryptic. I appreciate their effort to be all suave, though

Also, we sang along to songs on dat The Voice app! Thank you Monica for telling me that I can be heard all over the place right after I finish singing the song. Thank you for not interrupting my singing. I know you wouldn't want the rest of the café's customers to miss my singing yelping skillz

By the way, you sound like a cat giving birth to a cow

02 September 2013
Café Nui
Marikina City

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  2. gah your last statement made me burst into laughing, and I'm at the library atm hahahahahaha just imagine

    my voice of giving birth to a cow even top scored you huh :P


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