Last September 15, I attended a worship service slash baptism. Such character cannot be seen in me, I think, considering that a pretty huge bunch of my college schoolmates has already asked me if I'm an atheist, but when it comes to spiritual stuff, I fall for things

Don't get me wrong-- I'm still confused when it comes to matters of faith, so I still consider myself an agnostic. I'm not really in favor of labels, but this time I think I had to actually identify what the shit I am just so I wouldn't be tagged atheist

So anyway, that particular day was our fellowship's anniversary. It was a Sunday, but since I have nothing better to do, I just let my inner yes-man decide for myself weeks ago when I was invited. In the morning I was already thinking of calling it off, but since some my friends are lined up for baptism, I gave it a go. Natalo si katamaran hihihi. Otep and Sis Angie's family were the only ones I know, but I guess that was okay. The people looked friendly, but I never really got to converse with any of them, which sucked

So a worship service was held, I was able to sort of sing along to some of the songs, Shai came in late, we ate great food come lunch time, and those who were lined up for baptism got baptized

Shai got baptized that day, so I'm really looking forward to a more humane, less Asiang-type Shai

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