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The Husbands

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Last night (November 24), Pau celebrated her 18th birthday in some bar in Tomas Morato. Two Lasalista birthday partsies in two consecutive nights and I still wonder why I'm so poor.

Although I did enjoy myself, last night's crowd was not my crowd (I only knew three people, one of whom was a new acquaintance) so after the 18 asdfghjkl proper, I stuck my butt to the sexy black leather/fauxleather/whatever couch.

Sofifi introduced my to Stef. When I found out that Stef plays in a band, I started mumbling about my rock star frustrations because puta I can't help but cry hysterically whenever I meet someone who actually plays in a band.

Pero joke lang yun syempre.

The three of us finally decided to form a band. Sofia came up with "The Husbands". Does it not sound cool? Hehe. Pero of course this shit would not last as I live/study so freakin far away from where they study.

At least we came up with a rad band name, right? Huhu

Shooting stars suck anyway

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The weird kid turned nineteen last 23rd and her Mum asked Monica and I to have dinner with thum.


I got her a bunch of vinyl records for her new turntable because that's how she rolls now. Mayabang-ly. Monica got her a copy of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children whatcamacallit. I think it was really nice of Monica to remind Hannah that she need not feel bad about herself for being the only peculiar kid in town because somewhere in the fiction wonderland, there exists peculiar kids too.


Here's Monica's super-pinaghirapang i-wrap gift being neglected and all hahaha

Monica brought a sky lantern so that we could celebrate Hannah's pagtanda with a little more cheese. Ganda nung pagkasunog oh.

Once the lantern disappeared into the night sky (charot ang mushy pakinggan) I decided to play around with the kids (onti lang) while Hannah and Monica converse. Tapos biglang may nag-appear na faling star and only Hannah and Monica saw it.

No biggy. Meteorite lang yan na nagsu-suicide so I don't care. Nor do the kids. Bleh

I'm still the tallest of the lot... not much of a surprise though

Hug. For all the trolling she's made hihi

I was not able to sleep over at her house because she won't let me because I've told her that I've got classes the next day. Boo 19 na feeling police pa rin

Woof woof

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The Tracey Fragments junk food night with Mocs and Char... after a super potato butt week.
I so do not deserve this.

Went to her den depressed, tapos went home even more depressed because Tracey's life was a fucking tornado.

It's a film with an Ellen Page in it so

Livin the healthy life uh huh

Bitch came half an hour before (my) takeoff. Rude!


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Something I did for almost four hours alongside lunch and psych soc interview queuing (yez I'm joining another lucky org woohoo low grades) and pee-pee breaks and random trips to the canteen and and and

Happening on November 24!
(Won't be there because I have to attend to other affairs on Saturday and mostly because I probably won't understand any of whatever speakers will have to say half of the time)

Credits to this girl for the shouting girl stock

Oo, may ma-post lang.

Traditional Art: Cheat Codes

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There was totally nothing to do for the term break aside from having my Comm 2 paper revised but come on this is supposed to be a break so no, paper, no. Let's just put that amateur artsy fart skillz to practice, yes?

Before school was out, I got myself a sexy ol' plain notebook which I have turned into a sketchpad-ish thingamabob. Really very handy. This I got from SM Clark Department Store because no it is not available in SM Marikina which made me really really sad because really, where would I get one if this cool guy runs out of pages?

Okay Jean you've done enough moping.

Moving on. I have got not much to show off, so since I rarely do, let me show my magical pencil case just this once, please? Well here we goez and you won't be able to do anything about it now because it is I who author this glob muhahahaha

Had you been a Twitter follower of mine (follow me! hehe shameless plug) since the time of Noah, you may have witnessed my total surrender to traditional arts because I found it really dilly ultra hard to deal with.


My first shot at trad arts was really sad (left). You can already hear the girl scream "why so serious". Had I not stopped vandalizing, Batman would have mistaken her for the real Joker.

Recently, however, I've learned some pretty rad cheat codes for trad arts noobies like me woohoo! I've been using Fabre Castel (I still do not know how to pronounce this k) watercolor pencils, to well, put the sketch to life. After that I'd wet it with lé magical sexy brush (it's so slim eh) and then poof! Magic!

Please note that the piece on the right was a digitally colored work. I'll put up some of those trad art pieces I have worked on once my sketch notebook runs out of pages (because I'll lose it eventually hahaha). Do not expect anything rad. Do not.

Screencaps: King Worm

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What can I say? This is a really messed up episode of Adventure Time! By the end of the show, you could not even tell whether or not Finn was still dreaming.

Here are the screencaps. You be the judge.

Also, I suggest you do not think about it tonight.

Copyright belongs to Pendleton Ward.


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To be honest, the exclamation point succeeding BICOL at the image above is very much untrustworthy. I did not enjoy myself at all.

This is the view from the back-most seat of the Sportivo. I hated the trip. The flexi-glass windows around me were lightly saturated with muck. The wrinkled roads could have overshadowed Vulcan himself in terms of ugliness.

I was not even overreacting.

As kids my sister and I were made to believe that the mermaid sitting atop this rock was legit!

Monica is such a wonderchild! She may have stopped believing in magical forest creatures, but her faith in intergalactic beings stays strong! Rock on, Miss Awesome!

Then came my much-awaited trip to the burukburukan! We later found out that it stemmed from a bigger river which I decided not to explorer anymore since I was the eldest of the adventurist bunch. This was one of those very few moments where I yearned for my sister's presence huhu

Jared and I got so bored Mum allowed us to venture to town and spend time in some internet café. So... this is a sad corpse of a doll we found while walking 'round the marketplace.

It comes alive at night.

Mum decided to bring the kids to Embarcadero... wrong move, though. Really... I have not been there for the last two years and they still have not yet finished, er, building the thing? Dear, don't you waste that Ayala-esque name for nothing!

Albay, Bicol
26 October to 03 November 2012


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Moderately huge photo dump: Shai's 18th!

Shai's 18th
21 October 2012
Royal Hall, Kowloon House, Quezon City

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