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Don't breathe

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ordered the dementor to itself. For the very first time, a stranger deliberately decided to stay.
Hello, dearest. I'm Luna. What's your name?

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Worked on this shit for like ten hours
Seryosohan na ng paggawa ng background moments

John "the Mindfucker" Hurt

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Last Saturday, BBC aired the series finale of DW: The Name of the Doctor. Of course, i had to wait for them US/UK viewers to upload the thing via torrent. It sucks to not have DW air in my country okay

Ever since i’ve read the title card off Wikipedia, i’ve been dreading the day they’d reveal the Doctor’s name because i believe that only River Song, the Doctor’s wife, can have the right to know what it is. At the start of the episode, Vastra and Jenny and Strax and the murmuring men have been blabbering nonstop about the Doctor’s “secret” being discovered. I automatically assumed that they were referring to the Doctor’s name! I foresaw my world crumbling

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May 19

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Today (yesterday, rather huhu) Charlene and i ran a 10k! It was a Pace UP event and so it was held 'round UP Diliman. Sadly, i got to the finish line within 1 hour and 36 minutes, a record 11 minutes longer than my Color Manila Nite Run time :(

I think i'll blame it on the terrains because no i do not accept defeat. Chos. Also, i might blame it on a lot of sightseeing: cutesy CHK training ground, creepy trees, cats, mashed frog carcasses, dude who looked a lot like Khal Drogo, frog gut juice, +++

Since none of us was of able to bring decent cameras, i painted a selfie!!! Hehe vanity to the 8o343sj72nd level :( I just had to have this day marked because this was the first time i'd be participating in a morning run okay

This is something i stole from Charlene's Facebook post hehe sorry

I hated how i forgot to smile the RA Rivera smile. I smiled that smile a lot, but just when the dude's actually there to have his picture taken with us, hay jusko nakalimot naman dana

Hannah met up with us after the run, and since we've got no pre-determined itinerary, we decided that we'd just go to Maginhawa to have brunch. However, stores pala in Maginhawa open up at ten in the morning, so we never really got to do our nomz there. Eventually, Hannah had to leave, so Char and i decided to eat at Rodic's nalang. So we ate at Rodic's. Then we had ice cream + an airconditioned room all to ourselves mehehe

Then we parted ways. I got home and fell asleep. Six hours later i awoke and i felt bad about wasting my day, so i decided to consult my sketchpad huhu

Yes this is a hate post. I hate myself

Film marathon #4

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Cinderella (1950)
1/5. The plot’s quite short, really. What made the film last an hour and quarter a though were the crappy Tom-and-Jerry-esque scenes (there were LOTS) and the inevitable musical numbers that were not even relevant to the story. Besides inconspicuously being a sarcastic bitch, Cinderella always has a mouthful to say. I would want her to just shut up—her animal friends, with whom she talks to, mutter only insensible and stupid cheese so there’s really no point in talking to them, okay? Also, Cindy apparently has issues keeping her shoes on—throughout the course of the movie she has had them slip off her foot thrice ugh what klutz

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
4/5. This is a story of two literally crazy people falling in love. I never was a Jennifer Lawrence fan since i never really got to see The Hunger Games until two weeks ago (nor did i read the novels), but this film made me really love herrrr~ Also, i think i got turned on by Pat’s character? I’m attracted to disabled people kasi eh huhu there i said it

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)
4/5. Usama bin Laden is dead, so i guess everyone knows how this film will end, but i assure you that spending almost three hours watching this shit won’t disappoint. I found it quite disturbing and very educational, plus there weren’t any dead scenes! (or dead-air scenes? eh, whatever) I’ve even learned some, er, information-extracting tactics here muhaha and i’m so dying to use them (hehe kidding)! I do hate the US, but i think that Al Qaeda’s hatred towards dat capitalist nation is going a bit too far. The Moslems were too attached to their faith and i still find it really scary. The only thing i hate about this flick was that they sort of blurred the line between fiction and real life. Most of the information presented was accurate, sure, but for the curious minds, a mere glance at Wikipedia articles won’t be enough. Mapapa-research talaga kayo hehe. Allahu akbar! JOKE

Hercules (1997)
2/5. Tbh this was the first time i’ve seen this film and if it had a better ending, i’d regret not seeing it as a child. It’s cartoon, but if it were not, i would have been someone sort of fucked up right now! Hades’ crib has really creeped me out, and Megara was so freakin provocative! Is this really a film designed for children? Lol. Also, i think that Hades just wanted everyone to join him in the underworld and i see nothing wrong with keeping oneself from getting lonely. I love u Hades

Shit i think i'll be working on in the future

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  • typography
  • flash
  • polymer clay
  • watercolor

shh this me cursing mental notes


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Seriously, it has been a super long while (as in ONE WHOLE FREAKIN YEAR) since the last time i've submitted something to deviantArt, and this is what i came up with?


I've entered some sort of an outfit-designing contest on deviantArt, so this is what i came up with

In the process of doing this, i've learned more about human fluidity, 3d modeling, and digital coloring, (kaso 'di pa masyadong halata k) so i guess you can say that i sort of went on an educational journey to find myself style? Whatevs bading talaga hahahahahahahahahuhu

Film marathon: A(nother) stake through the heart

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Because one vampire movie marathon won't do

Let Me In (2010)
5/5 | A 12-year-old loner befriends a 12-year-old nonhuman recluse in this morbid little love tale. I loved the original Swedish version and i have already braced myself for ruthless vandalism, but it turns out that my nega expectations were a letdown because i find this to be the better version. It has given me answers to questions i have had after seeing the original one askdjfs but but but the original one’s more eerie so i say everybody should see both shit

The Horror of Dracula (1958)
1/5 | This is the third version i’ve seen, and so far i must say that this is the one i didn’t like the most. All of the characters looked alike and most of them were trying too hard not to block the audience’ view. I think the only shit people should see is the part where Van Helsing slapped the shit out of the Harkers’ housemaid (huhu dat shit made me laugh so hard because it looked so strange hahaha)

Jeepers Creepers (2001)
4/5 | They say you are what you eat, and it seems that Jeepers Creepers is taking that adage very literally. The clothes-sniffing, corpse-MOMOLing (read it right), fear-smelling winged creature of a renowned urban legend turns into what it consumes... or so that’s what the crazy psychic woman says. Speaking of crazy, the thing that drove me sorta really bonkers here was that abandoned church basement cave hideout bedazzled with stitched-up freaky-faced cadavers! I THOUGHT THAT THAT’D BE FUCKING TRAUMATIZING (if you don’t then go away)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)
2/5 | Now i don’t know what Seth Grahame-Smith was smoking at the time he wrote this, but whatever it was, HE MUST HAND IT OUT TO ALL THE OTHER WRITERS OUT THERE! Sure, the plot was not that terrific, but i loved how he mashed up history with fictionnnn. I didn’t like the story that much because the it was very predictable. However, i appreciated how they imparted scientific knowledge on why bloodsuckers are killed by silver oo masaya na ko non sorry. Also, THE SETTING! The setting was so very fucking amazing and i’m pretty sure that i’d love to live in this era! I won’t mind the lack of hygiene, i swear!

Nosferatu (1922)
4/5 | This unauthorized silent film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel comes in black and white AND YET IT COMPLETELY SPOKE TO ME LADFJD. I think it’s because of the cute actions, the pretty faces, and the refreshing background scores? idk why, but it somehow reminded me of those fantasy RPGs i used to play back when our PS2 hasn’t gone nuts akjflasdk who wouldn’t love a rush of nostalgia? Also, i think i may have a little crush on Nosferatu. I guess i’m attracted to guys with dark circles round their eyes and freakishly long fingers ? ? ? Plus he looks like some dude you’d push down the school stairs (not that i push people down the stairs though) and i sort of really like geeky bully magnets (okay i said it huhu) (also, not that Nosferatu actually is a bully magnet... he just looks like one)

'Like' my shit please

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Being a bum this summer makes me feel super bad. Not only do i feel useless, but i also feel super badly sorry for the reckless squandering of precious staycation. What i need is a lovely push from urgency and i really think i’d do stuff then (i swear)

But ask and you shall receive, they said

And so an opportunity presented itself in the form of a chance to win a concert ticket, and who was i turn my back to it? Music Management International and Circuit Makati will be bringing a bunch of awesome, er, pop rock (?) bands and a pair of renowned sk8rs to Muhnila via Circuit Fest! They will be giving away five concert tickets to the artists of the top five event posters WITH THE MOST FACEBOOK LIKES (click to see contest details). It’s a pretty crappy criterion for judging, but i guess nothing can be done about it now that word’s out

So this is me pushing my luck. Blame lé color sexplosion to time constraints

Mark Salling photo from GQ
Skater by ~COI-stock
Skaters by ~daewonstocks
Texture by ~bashcorpo
Texture by =kuschelirmel
Texture by *Sirius-sdz

Let's get zesty

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Kraft's little scheme to

  • sell
  • make gazillions
  • take over the world

I'm starved


Overheard at UP

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Chunks from a very, er, swell Facebook group

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