Film marathon #4

Cinderella (1950)
1/5. The plot’s quite short, really. What made the film last an hour and quarter a though were the crappy Tom-and-Jerry-esque scenes (there were LOTS) and the inevitable musical numbers that were not even relevant to the story. Besides inconspicuously being a sarcastic bitch, Cinderella always has a mouthful to say. I would want her to just shut up—her animal friends, with whom she talks to, mutter only insensible and stupid cheese so there’s really no point in talking to them, okay? Also, Cindy apparently has issues keeping her shoes on—throughout the course of the movie she has had them slip off her foot thrice ugh what klutz

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
4/5. This is a story of two literally crazy people falling in love. I never was a Jennifer Lawrence fan since i never really got to see The Hunger Games until two weeks ago (nor did i read the novels), but this film made me really love herrrr~ Also, i think i got turned on by Pat’s character? I’m attracted to disabled people kasi eh huhu there i said it

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)
4/5. Usama bin Laden is dead, so i guess everyone knows how this film will end, but i assure you that spending almost three hours watching this shit won’t disappoint. I found it quite disturbing and very educational, plus there weren’t any dead scenes! (or dead-air scenes? eh, whatever) I’ve even learned some, er, information-extracting tactics here muhaha and i’m so dying to use them (hehe kidding)! I do hate the US, but i think that Al Qaeda’s hatred towards dat capitalist nation is going a bit too far. The Moslems were too attached to their faith and i still find it really scary. The only thing i hate about this flick was that they sort of blurred the line between fiction and real life. Most of the information presented was accurate, sure, but for the curious minds, a mere glance at Wikipedia articles won’t be enough. Mapapa-research talaga kayo hehe. Allahu akbar! JOKE

Hercules (1997)
2/5. Tbh this was the first time i’ve seen this film and if it had a better ending, i’d regret not seeing it as a child. It’s cartoon, but if it were not, i would have been someone sort of fucked up right now! Hades’ crib has really creeped me out, and Megara was so freakin provocative! Is this really a film designed for children? Lol. Also, i think that Hades just wanted everyone to join him in the underworld and i see nothing wrong with keeping oneself from getting lonely. I love u Hades

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