'Like' my shit please

Being a bum this summer makes me feel super bad. Not only do i feel useless, but i also feel super badly sorry for the reckless squandering of precious staycation. What i need is a lovely push from urgency and i really think i’d do stuff then (i swear)

But ask and you shall receive, they said

And so an opportunity presented itself in the form of a chance to win a concert ticket, and who was i turn my back to it? Music Management International and Circuit Makati will be bringing a bunch of awesome, er, pop rock (?) bands and a pair of renowned sk8rs to Muhnila via Circuit Fest! They will be giving away five concert tickets to the artists of the top five event posters WITH THE MOST FACEBOOK LIKES (click to see contest details). It’s a pretty crappy criterion for judging, but i guess nothing can be done about it now that word’s out

So this is me pushing my luck. Blame lé color sexplosion to time constraints

Mark Salling photo from GQ
Skater by ~COI-stock
Skaters by ~daewonstocks
Texture by ~bashcorpo
Texture by =kuschelirmel
Texture by *Sirius-sdz

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