This is me returning with crappy photos from The Cab's Trinoma gig last Friday night (September 21) because my camera was (and actually still is) mentally impaired and Sofia was not able to bring hers because DSLRs were supposed to be banned from the show but apparently the moshpit nearest the stage was filled with people who were able to sneak in theirs.

My camera phone started fooling around mid-show. The imbecile automatically deleted some photos and did not allow me to take videos but one so die camera phone, diiiiee! You swore to stick with me 'til the end, did you not? Huhu /wrist

Plus, I was suffering from a low blood pressure several minutes before the show started so my friends and I thought na maybe if I fainted I'd be brought backstage. The idea of an instant meet-and-greet did not do me good, though. My head was so high up in the night clouds that I was not able to properly choose a good dress when I was shopping at People Are People while waiting for the show to start huhuhuhu. Screw you, LBP.

When I say crappy I mean crappy
Okay, enough with the rants.

I am sort of feeling guilty for attending this gig-- I was not that hardcore of a fan unlike those around me eh. I started listening to The Cab back when I was a high school junior. One day, however, members were starting to get off the band so I decided to kick them out of my feed. They retained their place in my playlist, though.

So when I heard that they're coming to town, I was sort of expecting to see the original set of members, forgetting the fact that they were not able to actually keep it together. No Alex Johnson. No Cash Colligan. Lo, I can't even sing along to some of their new songs boohoohoo.

It was still cool, though-- being in a moshpit once again! The crowd was so hyped and everyone was jumping and dancing and fistpumping and screaming their hearts out!

Sofia introduced me to Isa (is this how you spell her name? haha) and Pau. Woohoo for extended network!

Pau was actually my first moshpit partner. We squeezed our way through the crowd para medyo dun kami sa harap. It was super nice of her to not leave me besides all those pushing and pulling and jumping and pumping. Hello Pau!

Moshpit partners!
Pareho daw kami ng hairstyle yihee
Isa, Sofia, and Pau
Of course, I would like to extend my thanks to Sofia for giving me a ticket to the event! I can't thank you enough! Without you I would not have had this huge serving of happiness! Really, thank you!

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4 Responses to “Soldiers”

  1. You're welcome! I love you! Sorry for leaving you though! I'm so mad at Rhian Ramos right nowwwwwwwwwww........ as in now and forever because Marshall is asking her on a date after the glorietta show and I'm so pissed because I just am and I love Marshall! I was telling this to my mom and my cousin earlier and they were just laughing at me. OMG, hold me.............









  2. I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!! AND SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND....... Check it out on Twitter idk if the tweet is still there cjnoersf. AAaaaaaaaaand because of that I tweeted Rhian Ramos! I told her to Spare Marshall :)))))) I'mma send her a death threat later on, kidd.

  3. I shall uhhhh post a screenshot on my blog///////////


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