Has anyone seen that flick where a lovestruck Vhong Navarro pursues the supposedly Lupus-ridden Toni Gonzaga? Me neither. I have just heard of it from friends who initially overreact when I tell them that I've got Lupus.

When I was diagnosed with it almost exactly a year ago, I thought, cool, maybe I'd transform into a werewolf of something because Lupus = Lupine = Wolf (yes I'm lame like that boohoohoo)

Unfortunately, I would never ever turn into a werewolf. Lupus is a hereditary auto-immune disease that takes a very long time to kill a person. My white blood cells (imagine a bunch of white ship-like cells fighting off infection hahaha) have gone berserk (parang right off Final Fantasy lang), making them attack my normal body tissues too. Nagiging bobo, ika nga, pero at certain conditions lang (i.e. exposure to the sun).

Now, why did I bring this up?

Officially PWD
Well, my condition is getting worse. I have already said my thank you's and sorry's and goodbye's to majority of those in my inner circle of, er, friends. However, there are still those I cannot reach out to as of this moment. People, this goes to you.

To my childhood friends: thank you guys for making all those memories with me! I'm glad that Mum took around five buckets of photographs of us. I'd want you to have them. Please do not forget how much fun we had constructing all those kumot tents, catching all those baby frogs (because all of us were too afraid then to approach the big ones hahaha), riding bicycles, getting darker-than-tan skin just so we could stay on the playground, being chased by dogs, climbing shittily made tree houses, et cetera, et cetera. We had been through so much, I think this post won't be able to contain it. I would like to apologize to that one boy (who, apparently, has grown into a man now) whom I didn't listen to that one time he asked me to stop pushing the tricycle because you'll fall off it (lo, you were sitting on the handlebar you crazy lad!) but I didn't anyway so you actually fell off, earning you a scar on your leg and making your mum look for me but I ran so far and hid somewhere so remote you guys didn't even find me anyway. Okay lang yan, first crush naman kita eh.

To my GMLC family: Elaiza, Mariel, Anna, May, Helenar, Jennylyn, Edelyn, Franz, and Yvette, for being my first set of actual barkada! I have went through lots of firsts with you guys! So did you! You've taught me how to play jack stones, 10-20, hula hoop, space blast thing on perforated paper, lame jokes, and lame magic tricks. You guys were my first text mates. You guys were the reason for my first lice infestation. I detest the fact that besides our class pictures, there only were a handful of photos with us in it. However, for some reason, we loved exchanging hearty letters with each other-- ALL of which I was able to keep here, with me! Akala niyo, ha. I've been trying to respond to each of those letters even though a thousand years have already sufficed since I've got them, and hopefully I'll be over with it before my time is up. I just regret the fact that not one reunion took place ever since we've graduated. Boooo!

To my Bedan family: Putangina, lahat na ata sa inyo ko natutunan. Thank you for preparing me for college and giving me the NCAA experience and teaching me how to swear and making me experience my first below-75 grade and psyching me up so that I could sing my first karaoke and offering me my first alcohol and making me realize how shitty it is to smoke and making me lie to my mum just so I could party and having me break my heart for the first time! *hinga* Those who stuck with me since Day 1 up to this day, I may have already talked to you guys. Hihihi. And to that boy who broke my heart, though it is very unlikely that you still do not know that it is you I am talking about, you deserve my tears.

To those in UP: Though I have always felt like a loner in UP Clark, I can never say that you people were never friendly. Shai, thank you for sticking with me through our first year. We've bid our Diliman dreams farewell together but here we are, still living. Hehe. To Yna and Yra and Clarence and Ivy and Milcah and (most especially) Dan, you guys are my UP barkada and even though there are times when I think too much and make myself feel left out (yes I do that to myself a lot), you always put up with me. To my ex dorm mates (the Tigertapians, dahil nasa tapat ng Tiger Hotel yung dorm natin hahaha), all those times watching those flicks and eating those seemingly inedible thingamabob our landlady calls food and celebrating birthdays at Ministop and reviewing together 'til dawn breaks sa ipis-ridden kitchen and sharing all those scary stories and stalking all those boys and turning into mean girls without even knowing it and making trips to the Toll House-- don't you just miss those? Haha! To my confraternity brothers and sisters, keep serving the people! Please, don't let the educational discussions die down, ha?

To Louie and Sofia and to all those who read my blog anonymously: thank you for reading my blog. Don't stop following it-- I'll still writing posts from hell muhahahaha *this blog is now cursed hahahaha*

To my barkada in Greenpark: thank you for supporting me whenever I feel down and teaching me how to actually play the guitar. To my girls Alexys and Innah and Bea, thank you for being there for the you-know-what's! Hahaha. Alam na. I swear I'd be with you the next time you drink by the blue house-- kung 'di pa rin siya mabebenta hahaha. We have been through so much together... we have seen each other's hearts getting broken. Alak lang katapat niyan. Saka 'onting ligo sa ulan.

To my boyfriend: I've been discreetly into you for eight years now. To tell you the truth, kahit may girlfriend ka, I always await your return every summer. I'm just so glad that I've finally had you. Now, it's time to let go. Please remember me. Please remember that I love you. Cheesy yihee

To Monica and Kit and Charlene and Hannah and Sofia: DO NOT FUCKIN LET MULTIPLY DISPOSE OF THOSE PHOTOGRAPHS. Also, you guys are so lame but I love you. Suckers.

To Jillian: You have always been Enemy No. 1 to me. But I love you as much as I hate you. When I'm gone, don't take all my stuff. Give some to Jared too, dumbass.

To Jared: Ang baho mo. I'm pretty sure your stench would reach wherever I will go to. If it does, well, it's kind of nice to feel your presence pero how would you get Andrea or Baby Joy to be your girlfriend? HAHAHA. Ate loves you, okay?

To Mama: I've left a letter in my drawer. Please read it. I love you, Mama.

And to whoever is reading this now: Hahahahahahahaha joke lang lahat. I'd live to witness the zombie apocalypse. There just come times when I want to let it all out, you know?

Also, I actually just want to show off my Person With Disability Card. I sucks to even think that people may treat me differently now that I am in possession of one. I'm sorry if I offended anyone with Lupus or other chronic illnesses in any way. I'm not really sarcastic, but sometimes there just are times when I subject things in a rude manner.

Anyway, hello 20% discount! Muhahahahahaha

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  1. Me momo no like this post. I came home to this, omg. I love you too >:D<

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