Melted mallows for broken hearts (chos)

I was checking out my Bloglovin' feed (usual morning routine charrrr) when the doorbell rang. At first I thought it was only Ate Madel returning from the sari-sari store so I ignored it since Jared will prolly open the gate for her naman.

Open went our bedroom door (kasi sadly I share the same room with my sister).

Ta-da! Monica slipped in! We have not seen each other for almost two weeks (ata) so she decided to show up. I actually was not expecting her since (for all I know) most students are going through their hell weeks around this time of year.

To be honest, I was super yearning for her pampering because I'm going through so much abominable crap. Not even a serving of The Cab (thanks ulit, Sofifi!) could alleviate it. Putang ina okay.


Monica's a tunggera ng isang shot glass ng maple syrup 
Almonds and peas and pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries go together quite fucking well
Monica always have the craziest ideas. She instructed me to stuff the microwave oven with mallows. Once in, they started bloating and we started freaking out so medyo putol-putol yung pag-init hahaha

Exposing lé melted mallows to air makes it super sticky and brittle (pero soft) so don't 

A challenge to Dairy Queen *raises right eyebrow* 

What I'm about to confess will make me sound like a total sucker: I still have not yet seen Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events until today! Fuck me, right?

All hail Jim Carrey's flexible face and inconceivable acting prowess! Siya na forever k

Plus a candid heart-to-heart talk to end our date with. Fuck you Monica, you're the awesomest (and the stinkiest too).

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