Pretty Penny Dreams

Blueberries and sea-salted almonds go perfectly together and it's sort of sad to know that I am one of the last ones to find out. Whatever firework-inducing sensation is happening right now between my teeth and beneath my tongue may have been the sensation that ilusyonadang rodent's fat friend in Ratatouille must have felt the first time he munched on high-end cheese and berries.

*queue Katy Perry's Firework*

Had I come from the upper bourgeois, I would have been getting more from eating these pa-high end beauties. I could have been enjoying overpriced berries and nuts with sexy slices of Caciocavallo Podolico quezo and a bottle of of Cabernet Sauvignon, pinky tossed higher than that of your kumare's kilay when she found out that your kumpare has a younger, sexier kabit. Pair this lavish diet (if I were even going to eat all these up) with a gondola ride in Venice with my multibillionaire boyfriend matandang mayamang madaling mamatay fiancĂ©.

Hey, shame on you for letting your friend get carried away!

In the end, I'm just one college undergrad trying to survive the first semester of my third year in UP Clark. Papa just happened to have brought home crates of blueberries and almonds and I just happened to have abducted such dearies during one of my frequent visits to the fridge. I'd love to live an ultra lavish lifestyle, though. Hihihi

Hello again, real world.

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