Kumag's 19th

Last Friday night (August 31), we celebrated Kums' 19th birthday. I actually decided not to go since I still have lots of readings to kill but I still did anyway since she's graduating this year (I think) plus she's one of my closest sorority sisters. I got her a box of brownies and wrote her a super short letter of cheesiness that day but I was not able to bring it to school with me since I was already running late.

After class (around 7pm), we decided to meet outside her dormitory so we could celebrate. We were made to choose between an inuman session and a food trip. I have been sober for almost a month now, but I still have to finish my fuckin readings so we opted for the the food trip instead.

In fairness, the relighting candle I brought with me worked! I was happy that it did since when I lit one up for Kiyoko's birthday last Wednesday, it did shit. The relighting candle made Jen and Kums and Rich happy, too. They were, once again, little children. Hihi.

Kumag (the celebrant), the pitcher, and the other kumag (Jen). 
The Three Kumags 

Rich's forced smile
Also, one of our neophytes joined us too but we were not able to take pictures with her since she had to leave early to get ready for her field trip the next day.

I had fun, alright. The only thing that got me worried was the fact that I've been eating too much for the whole of  two days before attending (my high school friend) Clarianne's debut which took place just yesterday (September 1). I was just a little worried my dress won't anymore fit me.

Cheers to the sober.

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