Shawarma unsupervised

This post marks the first time I had a shawarma. I just had to-- eating such beauty made me feel like one of the Avengers. Hahaha ilusyonada

Just as any other perstayms, I had my worries.

First, how the cow do you eat this? Is there a proper way of eating this? Do you bite a mouthful off like how you do a banana? Can you even treat it as if it were a banana, just plus the meatiness and minus the sweetness? Can you place it on the table, unroll it, and eat the contents maybe with some rice, employing the use of a spoon?

Second, is the paper wrapper edible? Why do they roll it with the pita in such a way that there's a humongous possibility for a devouring idiot to consume it? I was enjoying mine until I realized that I was nibbling on the paper wrapper too. Nice touch.

This is insane. I thought I was doing it wrong since the mayo was dripping the fuck out of its ass (huhu sayang). I just wish the shawarma was eaten the way it deserved to be eaten. Sorry, shawarma.

Third, even though I said yes when the attendants asked me if I would like mine spicy, it was not. I don't know. Maybe my Bicolano tongue was just bitching out. Still, Turk's was in red font so I was really expecting something super spicy, you know! Hahahaha birdbrain

Overall I would still prefer pizza, but if shawarma does contribute to the Avengers' super-ness, eh why not? Hihihi.

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