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Suma-summer: Boracay 2013

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I JUST GOT BACK FROM BORACAY and now I finally know why it is sort of a big deal setting foot on that place whenever the sun gets too freakin hot!

Sketch dump #2

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Some stuff before i dispose some of my stuff

Please know that Rocky Horror is the best cult film ever and that i may or may not make some sort of a movie or screenplay out of it


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Today i got my sister an African pygmy hedgehog for her 18th birthday. It's a day late, but i'm pretty sure she appreciated it. Ang sweet kong kapatid hihihi

She gave it the ugliest hedgehog name ever-- Jumbo

Wtf, right?

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still glad you came

March 11, 2013

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The freaks went on a little laking aircon date with me today!


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Hi. I’m taking away your precious phone with all your precious junk in it. 
Happy birthday and fuck you

 The universe, two days after my 19th birthday

I guess i’m taking this as a putanginang challenge, and so i responded by getting myself a miniature faux moleskin journal—i’ll try hand-printing everything so that when my goddamned phone decides to freakin abandon me again, i won’t become one hell of a subspace castaway ulit

Being oblivious of whatever to do next fucking sucks


I decided that i’d have to ditch dat cramming nut in me if i really wanted to go through a semi-rebirth of some sort, but no matter where i look, i can’t really find a comfy place to study at

Plus i was getting super bothered by the black hole that is that junk-eating desk of mine because oh my god ang sakit sa ulo tapos it’s also giving me a hard time looking for my stuff

So i have decided to clear up my workspace

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