March 11, 2013

The freaks went on a little laking aircon date with me today!

This is sort of my first time receiving an, um, mixtape (although it's not really a tape but aklsfjsl), and i'm super glad that it's from Hannah! She's got a rad taste for music... minsan sobrang hipster nga lang

Hipster siya eh. Thanks yo

I've been wanting to go to Café Noriter for a while now, i just didn't have the kaching and company to. So today i get to cross off an item from my places to go to bucket list or whatever woo hoo

Green tea blended frappe :">

I never really had an alone time since Sofia came when Hannah was just about to go woo hoo

After zé date, Mocs suddenly decided that she wanted to go play billiards and bowling with me

What an impulsive little creature

And so we did

Iron boobs

Tonight i'm bowling de-virginized and yet i rocked

I swear i beat Monica by six points-- tumira ako for her i swear!

Yun lang bye

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