Hi. I’m taking away your precious phone with all your precious junk in it. 
Happy birthday and fuck you

 The universe, two days after my 19th birthday

I guess i’m taking this as a putanginang challenge, and so i responded by getting myself a miniature faux moleskin journal—i’ll try hand-printing everything so that when my goddamned phone decides to freakin abandon me again, i won’t become one hell of a subspace castaway ulit

Being oblivious of whatever to do next fucking sucks


I decided that i’d have to ditch dat cramming nut in me if i really wanted to go through a semi-rebirth of some sort, but no matter where i look, i can’t really find a comfy place to study at

Plus i was getting super bothered by the black hole that is that junk-eating desk of mine because oh my god ang sakit sa ulo tapos it’s also giving me a hard time looking for my stuff

So i have decided to clear up my workspace

I did not bother taking a before photo because i swear it'd only result to the implosion of the brain guts and although that'd be a lovely sight i think anyone who'd come across this pitiful post does not deserve such fate

I sort of had an easier time organizing my shit since i was making a list of how i would group 'em inanimate bitches while going through 'em

Top drawer eats up all those sentimental jazz ang gay ko okay sorry ha

I still keep dem letters given to me during my primary school days
And i have been writing on journals since i was in fourth grade— it's a hobby i stuck to until now
And i do not throw away the maps and brochures i collected from places i've been to

Ang cheesy oh my god but i love looking back in retrospect and i can't let go of the past and i don't want to grow up and i'd replay everything if i had the chance to

Cheesy yuck
Kadiri kaya dun sila sa may lock

Bottom drawer contains random shit

By random shit i refer only to those that interest me

Like sketching stuff
And reading and just looking at the school paper
And collecting junk

Yep i will be one of the biggest junk collectors you'll ever meet i think

Right now my favorite junks are in that box: the orgasmatron, a big-ass plastic dysfunctional sunglasses, and i super mega tiny jar of stars whose purpose i think i will never ever find out

Then the easiest-to-access drawer contains these stuff

Class photos because i'm one sentimental dude
I do not know why i placed my jump rope in there
Those books i'm currently reading are just gifts from Yra and Monica, respectively (thanks, freaks)
Also, i had to hide my instant coffee m in my drawer since my sister keeps consuming those i leave on top of my desk

The box screaming TRINKETS does not contain super fancy trinkets kasi i'm poorita

But decluttering made me realize that i have a collection pala of keychains and lock mechanisms for supot ng Gardenia

Also, i keep the candles na pinang-ninang ko since superstition suggests that throwing 'em away would bring bad luck to the kid. Not that i believe in it— i was just making sure na i would have proof na i actually did not throw it away if ever the parents ask for it o diba

Desk basement hihi what

All the junk the black hole could spew out would not fit in the drawers, so i cramped the rest of them in shoe boxes

This one held the stuff that i do not want my mum to see— pieces of lingerie and all those nakakagulat na undergarments hihi

This one held my feeling-artsy-fart materials. Alam ko pang-grade school pero

This one held zé blank journals saka CDs containing junk i have downloaded from the internet

I lost the rubber thingamajig of my left earphone and so i was super duper glad to find these in the clutter muhahahaha

Also, i found the pair of earrings i bought from Papemelroti woo hoo finally magpapaka-girly na 'ko hihihi joke

Aba shet diba

I have an upcoming test on Tuesday and yet i decided to spend this day procrastinating and filtering Radiohead songs and jogging and decluttering. Tapos i also had the guts to experiment with the new tablet (see me use it so recklessly muhahahaha) and blog about how i decluttered my workspace

I just hope that this decluttering would also symbolize my, er, mental and physical and emotional decluttering chos




Okay bye i have to study now huhu

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