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I was almost ready to accept that our professor's decision to dismiss class super earlier than usual would be the highlight of my saturday

Then out of nowhere moniker called to tell me that she'll be coming over for supper. And so she did. Just out of nowhere. I find it super weird how my friends make it a habit to just crash into my jungle with no particular reason wow

But i'm glad that she came yihee

She brought with her a canister of cigars and a bunch of cocaine and a pack of methmallows and some really odd yogurt booze. I forgot to ask her to bring a pack of cheezy but that's okay i think because i'm sort of in a super cheating frenzy today huhu

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Today i've also desecrated the corpse of the vegetarian

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because mum just got back from the grocery store with a tub of ice cream and some more groceries but most especially with a tub of ice cream containing high-viscosity fluid most likely made with ingredients galing sa dede ng cow making it 100% nonvegetarian

But then
lac·to–veg·e·tar·i·announ\ˌlak-tō-ˌve-jə-ˈter-ē-ən\: a vegetarian whose diet includes milk, vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts

so i think maybe i'll be one of those pizza-eating lacto-vegetarians?


I know what you're thinking
M-m-m-m-monster kill!


Today i shot down a vegetarian

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because pizza is so fucking seductive (i bet anybody would know that already)

So i guess i'll have to undergo some major resolution reformation because i think i can't live (yes i use hyperbole a lot) without pizza

The only reason i went vegetarian was because i was concerned with my health because you see, i wanta outlive all of you because i'd wanta dance on top of all of your graves muhahahaha

Another reason i engaged in this vegetarian shindig is that i heart animals, because most of them look super cute and i'm gravely affected by that chronicles of narnia marathon one-man party i had three weeks ago because yes bears and lions and weasels and all the other cool creatures of the earth will have the ability to speak and think for themselves and maybe slaughter humankind out of revenge someday

So from now on, i'm a vegetarian except when pizza is around

The story of supernovas

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Stars are living creatures

Like us, they also fall in love, i think, and when they do, they produce lots of butterflies, all made out of iron. These wicked critters-- flying in hordes of billions, gazillions even-- fly into the stars' cores, and when their hearts-- their cores-- get super heavy, so heavy that they exceed the weight of their very own vessels, they (the cores, the hearts) implode, and the stars get so badly hurt

The pain suddenly becomes so big of a deal, so unbearable, that even the neutrons-- the only beings capable of stopping such gravitational collapse-- could only do nothing but watch their good folks die, for the damages brought about by the unfathomable weight-- the damages brought about by the overly heavy hearts-- become irreparable

And so the stars die, the stars explode

And when stars explode their guts fly in all directions, but that's okay, i think, because at that point all the pain and all the pressure would have already died

And there is just pure beauty

And the other creatures would know that these stars have been through a lot-- their stories will be everywhere, and they will be beautiful

And nobody ever forgets about their pain


Shet baka maging writer nalang ako

I saw these awesome images on Hubble's site and damn those star guts are hot, but i realized that i have already forgotten how stars die, so i made a little research on supernovas, and this was what i have (re)learned of, and i thought hey why not educate people through totally mushy shit, no?



As charot as it sounds, yes, i did make a list of resolutions for 2013 last january 1st. I am not the kind to participate in such shindig, but i'd really wanta try it at least once. Yihee divirginized!

Also, while typing in this post's ever so creative title, i realized that new year resolutions are supposed to be what one comes up with after evaluating how s/he did the year prior to the new year and since the epiphany came to me just now (as in super just now), i am not sure if i was or was not violating any resolution-making rules

I came up with specific and measurable and attainable and relevant and time-bound resolutions because that's how business managers plot the grand scheme of their grand shit-- S.M.A.R.T. K sorry. Ah, things i learn from my major subjects haha

I gave myself a week to prepare before i carry out whatever these resolutions are and since tonight's a sunday and sundays determine a week's birthday, i decided i'd start aklsdfjads out these resolutions today

Some of these shit may sound super cheesy (i find the very act of making a list cheesy so). Kaya let me explain myself. Here are my resolutions for 2013

1 || 365 self portraits
This may sound super vain-- okay it's overflowing with vanity, but i sorta got curious on how my physique changes so suddenly every month (of course only i can notice it i think) so i think i'd solve the freakin mystery ? ? ? by documenting how my shit face looks like everyday. I may or may not be putting up these webcam photos for the public to see because i think i want to display photos of me with my unconsciously-in-the-photo sibs but at the same time i wouldn't like people to think that i'm a level 40 narcissist so i don't know

2 || Project 365
This year i decided i'd try improving my photography skillz (if i ever had any) because my confraternity family usually depends on me to document every little party we have. This also is my way of forcing myself to do something fun and quirky and unboring every friggin day because project 365 will force me to look for a subject to shoot and i can't do that if i stick my eyes onto the computer screen the whole day. Click here to see my progress (charot may gantong element haha)

3 || Weekdays: draft; Sundays: new art piece
The last time i made an art piece i think was at the beginning of this school year pa and i think the artsy fart in me is dying na so this is me frankenstein-ing the shit out of her

4 || Get to save P500-P1000 per week
Saving = more money + forcibly going on a diet ? ? ? So let's go kill two birds with one stone, yeah?

5 || Attend at least one gig per month
Because the local scene is an epic scene

6 || Give a random stranger something fancy every 14th of the month
Because the spirit of giving is supposed to exist throughout the year, not just during the holidays. Also, making people feel good makes me feel good and i bet anybody would know how that feel good jazz works. This also forces me to actually do DIY stuff and i'm really dying to try DIY-ing after several eyegasmic pinterest moments

7 || Get something for my wardrobe every 2nd & 4th week of lé month
I think i should look more like a woman now i think? I also think i'm supposed to be outgrowing the band geek in me but i think that's only what i think? Dammit this year i think i'd let society mold me into a real woman ? ? ?

8 || Go joggin at least once a week
I sort of stopped secretly working out (i used to work out whenever i think all of my housemates were asleep na) when i sprained my ankle three months ago and flabs are building up again because food is everybody's best friend and love handles are starting to pop out everywhere so

9 || Go *vegetarian for a week every month
I've gone vegetarian last january 2 and i super hope i get to stick to it because people said that it's a super healthy lifestyle (given that you still satisfy your nutrition needs and shit)

10 || Finish at least one book per month
I'm not really a huge fan of books but ever since i got introduced to, i'm starting to fall in love with books i think? Ewan i think i just hate it when i don't get to keep track of the things that influence my guts

11 || Get 10 hours of sleep every Sunday
Weekly stress relief

12 || Buy at least three OPM records this year
Because the local scene rocks the shit out of everything

The greatest thing I'll be doing this vacay (I think)


I just got back from my driving lessons three hours ago (hours tragically spent waiting for my twitter and facebook feeds to start partyin) and today i was accompanied by a new instructor and i was glad that he was younger than the previous one because i'm getting tired of people shouting at me while i'm trying to get the u-turn jazz over with alive

Anyway that's not this post's point

Thing is, the movie buff wannabe in me was kind of feeling left out with all my worrying about school shit (and not doing any bit of it at all) so i decided to rent some dvds from video city and i am so very glad that places such as video city still exist in a world of obscene piracy. (Yeah... i talk about piracy like that as if i was not a pirate myself yarr)

I got sort of hungry for local shit so i decided to get myself some local shit and paid a little over fifty bucks for it

And i'm sort of super excited to study right now because i'm planning to watch these films to reward myself for whatever i will be accomplishing tonight

Yep. That's what this post is about. Tonight i've the grandest plot ever this vacation. Woo hoo productivity!

I really hope i get to carry out this shit well

But of course i need to take a shower first. Believe me, if people weren't so malicious and if i was only assured that this blog will be 100% nonreadable by real people i think i'd actually post a photo of myself taking a shower because this is a super duper grand plan and i want to document it even to the extremes

Spam and other stuff

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2012 December 31

Everyone was getting ready to cross over 2012's butt end so i sort of was not expecting monica to actually come over to my jungle that day because it's almost 2013, okay

This post marks the moment in her life where she earned her first (???) hater, so congrats

Anyway she failed to extort the comfort she came over for from me and i sort of felt bad about it. I'm sorry. Please send my regards to your mum and thank her for the spam for me

We did some pretty messed up jump shots for the obligatory bunking out photo shoot and we have proven that it is not really our area of expertise so

I'm not asking for anything grand, really

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Just let me keep these two creatures forever

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