Today i shot down a vegetarian

because pizza is so fucking seductive (i bet anybody would know that already)

So i guess i'll have to undergo some major resolution reformation because i think i can't live (yes i use hyperbole a lot) without pizza

The only reason i went vegetarian was because i was concerned with my health because you see, i wanta outlive all of you because i'd wanta dance on top of all of your graves muhahahaha

Another reason i engaged in this vegetarian shindig is that i heart animals, because most of them look super cute and i'm gravely affected by that chronicles of narnia marathon one-man party i had three weeks ago because yes bears and lions and weasels and all the other cool creatures of the earth will have the ability to speak and think for themselves and maybe slaughter humankind out of revenge someday

So from now on, i'm a vegetarian except when pizza is around

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