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2012 December 31

Everyone was getting ready to cross over 2012's butt end so i sort of was not expecting monica to actually come over to my jungle that day because it's almost 2013, okay

This post marks the moment in her life where she earned her first (???) hater, so congrats

Anyway she failed to extort the comfort she came over for from me and i sort of felt bad about it. I'm sorry. Please send my regards to your mum and thank her for the spam for me

We did some pretty messed up jump shots for the obligatory bunking out photo shoot and we have proven that it is not really our area of expertise so

Her shirt looks something like the great gatsby's book cover and i kind of thought that maybe they modeled it after marilyn monroe but i realized that that's not it because marilyn was only a baby when the great gatsby came out

Hehe nice

The walking dead is kind of a thing of her now (i think and i hope so) and it still is a thing for me so here is photo of us pretending to be zombies

Monica sucks at being a zombie so maybe i'd let her watch some shaun of the dead if she still have not seen it yet for some tips on how to be a zombie or something

Hallelujah moments ? ? ?

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