The story of supernovas

Stars are living creatures

Like us, they also fall in love, i think, and when they do, they produce lots of butterflies, all made out of iron. These wicked critters-- flying in hordes of billions, gazillions even-- fly into the stars' cores, and when their hearts-- their cores-- get super heavy, so heavy that they exceed the weight of their very own vessels, they (the cores, the hearts) implode, and the stars get so badly hurt

The pain suddenly becomes so big of a deal, so unbearable, that even the neutrons-- the only beings capable of stopping such gravitational collapse-- could only do nothing but watch their good folks die, for the damages brought about by the unfathomable weight-- the damages brought about by the overly heavy hearts-- become irreparable

And so the stars die, the stars explode

And when stars explode their guts fly in all directions, but that's okay, i think, because at that point all the pain and all the pressure would have already died

And there is just pure beauty

And the other creatures would know that these stars have been through a lot-- their stories will be everywhere, and they will be beautiful

And nobody ever forgets about their pain


Shet baka maging writer nalang ako

I saw these awesome images on Hubble's site and damn those star guts are hot, but i realized that i have already forgotten how stars die, so i made a little research on supernovas, and this was what i have (re)learned of, and i thought hey why not educate people through totally mushy shit, no?

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