The greatest thing I'll be doing this vacay (I think)

I just got back from my driving lessons three hours ago (hours tragically spent waiting for my twitter and facebook feeds to start partyin) and today i was accompanied by a new instructor and i was glad that he was younger than the previous one because i'm getting tired of people shouting at me while i'm trying to get the u-turn jazz over with alive

Anyway that's not this post's point

Thing is, the movie buff wannabe in me was kind of feeling left out with all my worrying about school shit (and not doing any bit of it at all) so i decided to rent some dvds from video city and i am so very glad that places such as video city still exist in a world of obscene piracy. (Yeah... i talk about piracy like that as if i was not a pirate myself yarr)

I got sort of hungry for local shit so i decided to get myself some local shit and paid a little over fifty bucks for it

And i'm sort of super excited to study right now because i'm planning to watch these films to reward myself for whatever i will be accomplishing tonight

Yep. That's what this post is about. Tonight i've the grandest plot ever this vacation. Woo hoo productivity!

I really hope i get to carry out this shit well

But of course i need to take a shower first. Believe me, if people weren't so malicious and if i was only assured that this blog will be 100% nonreadable by real people i think i'd actually post a photo of myself taking a shower because this is a super duper grand plan and i want to document it even to the extremes

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3 Responses to “The greatest thing I'll be doing this vacay (I think)”

  1. Can I watch The Reunion with you :)) please?

    1. Aw no i'll have to return it today. I was only allowed to keep it overnight kasi it's in demand i think

      Maybe we should watch it together when we go on a date sa bahay mo or ko sometime? Haha

  2. ohhhh okay :) let's rent it!!!!!! hihihi :) and have pizza or bonchon :)


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