Indie-indiehan ambush

Oh I have seen a couple of indie films-- foreign nga lang. Kung hindi naman yung mga nakakaabot ng maintream, the only local ones I got to see were those with medyo magarang mga sex scenes. Ewan ko ba kung bakit ganon yung mga nakukuha ng mga nakokopyahan ko.

Siguro crush lang talaga nila si Coco Martin.

Ayan. Lumalayo na tayo. Last Monday, I was a tiny probinsiyana lost in the rather moderately big city of Makati. Jill was supposed to accompany me, but I guess she was too busy minding her own business of not minding mine.

From Gateway, I tailed this lady kasi I thought she was going to watch some Cinemalaya too kasi siya manamit. Feeling ko kasi ganun yung mga elitista sa UP eh. Yes I am one hell of a stereotyping shitty being now. Ayala yung ticket na binili niya sa MRT eh. Kaso nga lang I lost her pagbaba ko ng Ayala.

I was left on my own. Feel na feel ko pa naman pagiging spy ko. Ewan. Masyado ata akong naapektuhan ng panonood ko ng Mission Impossible.

I then had no choice but to swallow my spy pride and ask for directions. Long story short, I was able to get my ass in Greenbelt 3. Thanks to my spies-only GPS thingie pre-installed on my Android (k feeler). Tapos I got myself two Cinemalaya tickets.

A three-hundred-peso casualty. Woo hoo.

I decided that I really need to learn how to get to CCP para maka-avail ako ng 50% discount demmit

I then got myself a tumbler of popcorn and a bottle of water then ta-da I went inside the cinema na. I was trying to strain my cough the whole time pero tongue-in-a ang hirap. I just had to bark. Na-conscious tuloy ako sa mga katabi ko.

The first movie I saw was The Animals. I didn't find it super interesting-- or maybe I was just, er, analysing it in a super shallow manner kaya 'di ko masyado nahimay yung gustong iparating niya? That or literal lang talaga lahat. Here's what kinda got my attention-- in *dundundun* bullets.
  • Those manong tsupers sharing to each other crazy (and really shitty embarassing) tales about their bosses
  • Somehow, John Wane Sace was able to find his way to the fountain of youth. Tae ang bata pa rin niya tignan
  • Anorexic kids exist pala here in the Philippines. Akala ko such species only inhabit the lands of America and Europe
  • Yung pagkalasing nung character na Cara... ganun din ba 'ko malasing? Woo hoo insecurities
  • Instant MOMOL, instant blow job, instant sex!
Then it was allll over. On my way out I was even able to see Ramon Bautista and he was with this girl who was unfamiliar to me so I'd assume she's not some sort of a celebrity or maybe she is but I was just too ignorant to remember or something. I smiled at him and he nodded at me. Siya na sikat at nginingiti-ngitian nalang ng mga chics. That's right folks. Chics ako. Muhahahahahahaha

I had nothing to do then but turn into the freeloader that I am ulit so I sucked up to Greenbelt's free wi-fi and logged in to Facebook and Twitter. My inner social climber uploaded the photo of my butas-bulsang movie tickets. Sorry. I just had to brag about the fact that I was going to watch some indie shit on my own in a place I'm super unfamiliar with. Moving on.

That time, I was sitting in front of Red Mango's store and was thinking about trying out their famous waffles with yoghurt, kaso I thought na I shouldn't inflict any more injury to my already-nagdurugong wallet.

A lovely plate of waffles might have been calling out to me, 'di ko lang narinig.

Also, I almost bought a Cinemalaya shirt. Ewan. There's this little man in me na nagsasabing dapat kada event na puntahan ko may souvenir. I'm almost broke, so baby that can wait. Sana.

Tapos with just five minutes left to spare (before my second serving of Cinemalaya) I bought a bag of Snacku. Now how did I end up buying something so cheap? Eh mahal kasi lahat eh. Greenbelt is a pang-laking aircon establishment and I've got no right to be there unless I'm with my mum.

So I went inside theater na ulit.

This time, I was able to control my coughing so yeah less coughing kaso I had trouble trying to open my bag of Snacku because I don't want to tell the people na oh my golly I'm opening a freakin bag of junk listen to me do it so I tried my best to synchronize my "tear here"-ing activity with those instances na maingay yung trailers.

Woo hoo piracy

Tapos biglang nagtext si Char na she was in the same cinema I was in that time so I tried looking for her and I found her so I went to sit next to her and her dormmate Fe and hoped na nobody paid for the seat I was sitting on and fortunately nobody really did.

We saw a series of Cinemalaya short film entries, and here's what I thought.

  • Bulong's one hell of a comedy. I love it. Kaso I feel bad dun sa matanda because everybody's just waiting for her to die so that they can whisper to her their aspirations. I saw how the level of income is positively correlated with the quality of wishes an individual has.
  • Manenaya moved me to tears. It was such an excellent film so I wouldn't want to spoil it-- should my blog have readers. Or not.
  • The drunk man's line "Yung mga bagay bang nawala sa buhay mo, pwede mo rin bang mapanalunan 'yon?" stuck to me. Ewan.

Baka yung iba kailangan ng super critical thinking para maintindihan talaga. Kasi ang nagustuhan ko lang yung first two eh.

After our walgasan activity, we went ot Pizza Hut to walgas some more! We ordered a 9-inch pizza na ay Diyos ko super liit lang pala kaya buti nalang that tiny piece of pa-expensive dough was accompanied by pasta. I then realized the importance of pesto and how it could make one's life so fucking nice.

I'm starting to miss Mama's easy-cook pesto.

Also, I had a blast.

Time for a dash of vanity woo hoo


Tongue. Because Tongue-in-a, we weren't able to watch Bwakaw.

Baby pizza

Ain't even a decent shot... thanks sir waiter.

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