My Econ 102 class kicks off at eight hundred but I woke up at eight hundred so I was kinda glad that I took a bath last night (kasi I don't want to play the who-goes-first game with my housemates) but then I was not very happy with the fact that I was already late so I crammed every piece of school-related shit into my sling bag and ran outside with a really huge chunk of banana in my mouth hoping that it will resolve the oh shit 'di pala 'ko nakapag-toothbrush hanky-panky I was in.

Disgusting, I know. Pero admit it, you've also already experienced going to school without brushing your teeth so don't lie to me baby don't lie to me.

I then rode a jeepney so that I'd land on the smoky planet of Main Gate in a matter of seconds but then my kick-ass playlist monopolized my conscious ness so ayun I got off at SM Clark (which probably made Manong wonder why I'm there eh SM's still on hibernate at 8:15) so I had to walk some fucking twenty-something meters. Fuck.

The thought of not attending Duran's class almost overrun my mind but then good thing the sloppy tiny nerd things that my ears emit fought it off. I stuck my eyeball between Room 7's door and door frame to see if my classmates were already high with Econ mental drugs only to find out that there was not a single spirit in the room. Nag-meeting pala, pati si Sir De Leon kasama. Therefore classes were cancelled. We also weren't going to meet Sir Patawaran that afternoon so I skipped merrily to the hintayan ng jeepney and went back to the apartment.

A toast of banana
While packing up I realized that I still had four bananas left so I decided to bring them babies upstairs and hand them to Ivy and Clarence and Kaye and me then we peeled it halfway and made a toast as if them bananas were glasses of scotch. We probably looked like a bunch of happy monkeys.

I went home (as in Cainta home) and submitted to my eagerness to kinda pluck my guitar to Wish You Were Here because oh lawd I think I'm addicted to Pink Floyd's song. I kinda succeeded in learning how to play it, by the way.

Then it occured to me that I still had to pay for that Team Manila shirt so I decided to go to SM to finally pay for it and maybe drop by Sofia's crib afterwards (since she invited me to study with her) so I did.

Insert high levels of procrastination here.

Things we did besides deciding to not study:
  • Talk about bands she's into
  • Rant about how expensive moleskin journals are
  • Start constructing her bucket list
  • Take graphology tests
  • Define the elitist lifestyle
  • Devour 4 packs of instant noodles (welcome to our humble system, kidney stones)
  • Read awesome people's blogs
Sofia's new denim thingamabob

I swear one day this girl'd turned into the ultimate band geek.

What's with the unanticipated showcase of  art pieces? Special effects, bro.

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