Baldie's strategy

Five months ago, the plot of Lordei Hina's almost date with death-- in huge bold black font and all-- took up quite some space on the news stands. You have probably heard of her. This certain nationalist student leader (oha, tunog blind item) was, well, hit with an ice pick just above the left temple, fracturing her skull and knockin her unconscious.
So how did the progressive community take this? Well, they kind of misinterpret the situation and blamed the government for not providing enough subsidy for the national university to enhance security measures. They fell right into the government's trap.

You must be thinking, bitch, ya so cuh-razy.

What if I told you, that the government planned this to have a reason to increase militarization sa loob ng campus? To compensate for the lack of security measures daw while the subsidy is bansot.  Suma-strategy si P-Noy, yihee. Eh bullshit bawal nga ang high military presence sa school eh. It puts pressure on the students. 'Di pa ba effective yung mga hina-hire nilang student intel para maniktik sa red people? What the fuck, Jean. Malamang hindi. K. Sorry darleng.

"Of course, dahil ala-Santa ang tingin ng madla kay Mommy, P-Noy thought, dapat ala-Santo din ang tingin nila kay baby. Yihee. Therefore, I can't make gaya the previous administration na super mega duper obvious ang pagiging fascist. But how I do that without losing the maliit-na-ngang public trust in me? Oh! Right! I'll just make political crimes appear in the headlines as if they were criminal crimes! Tee hee oh-em-gi I'm so motherfucking fabulous! And gorgeous too. Why the hell would Grace Lee not fall for these lovely banana-colored bald spots of mine. Hihihi."

And so the President's henchmen-- who probably were trying to get rid of their once-dearly-beloved anits too kasi idol nila si boss-- took off with Lordei's laptop (which probably have some UG docs in it) and tried to ice pick (yep that's a verb now) the progressive juice out of the girl's brain.

Then, they tried to make it seem like a robbery case.
And the current administration lived happily ever after.

Lol, just kidding of course we won't let them muhahahaha

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