We thought of turning to the nudist movement

Yesterday I was in a cab on my way home when Monica (my best friend yihee) SMS-ed me some weird shit. She wanted to see me. However, we weren't able to meet up that day.

So today we went on a date.

I told my mum (yihee feeling British) na I would be home by 12 noon. I guess I was obligated to since it's a Sunday. We have pizza on Sundays-- Jillian and Jared and Mama and I.

So anyway I went off and I was kind of starting to worry because it's already x minutes past 10 when I got to Puregold and maybe Monica and I (and maybe her sisters too) might not be able to finish even just one of the movies I downloaded (especially for them) since they will still have to attend the Lighthouse by 1pm (and anyway they never did). I got even more worried when I realized that all cashier queus were so very fucking long. I held my patience for one fucking liter of chocolate fucking ice cream.

But it was worth it.

Or not. Pagdating ko kasi sa bahay nila I went directly upstairs (as fast as I can kasi I was afraid na some creepy woman in black would show herself to me) only to find Mocs asleep. She was a mess. Helen and Daniella and I kept telling her to wake up, but to no avail. She just keeps giving us a moan of "yes okay I heard you I'll get up". 'Di niya talaga ko pinapansin.

Pero some time after that nagising din. Buti nalang. Kaya pala she wasn't responding to my text messages. What a potato.

We then saw Wanderlust. It was a weird movie. I didn't quite understand how Jennifer Aniston and whoever her leading man was ended up rich and how that nudist dude's novel became a best seller. I don't even know what we're watching. I guess it was a movie about hippies and the moral of the story is that being a hippie turns frowns upside down. Yihee rhyming.


Daniella and Monica and I had lunch sa living room. Monica then started telling me the story behind all those weird text messages I was receiving from her the day before but of course I can't spill it here.

Whatever it is she's going through, I hope everything turns out okay. That's right folks: she's thinking about ending their dog's life. It's a shame. That dog and I-- though I never really knew his/her/its name-- that dog and I grew really close. It was the one who kept me company when Monica was too busy with either doing chores or bossing her sisters around. I'm going to miss that dog.

So obviously that story about the dog was made-up.

When it was time for me to go, Monica decided to go with me probably because she thought she was going back na to her Avída Tower(s) quarters (because yes that's where's she's staying during weekdays now) pero actually she forgot na tomorrow pa talaga siya pupunta dun.

We had our date sa Soya Bar (bagong bukas ata yun since I don't believe I've seen it before) and talked about the past week's chronicles. I had a serving of soy pudding and some grilled chicken sandwich. She had soy bubble milk tea (which was kind of weird to consume since 'di bagay ang sago sa soya) and an order of chicken something quesadillas (which I thought had too much mayo). Her treat! (Woo hoo lagi niya nalang akong nililibre ang galing ko talagang mamili ng best friend joke.)

(I placed lots of details sa previous paragraph kasi I want it to sound like some food critic review thingy kaso I wasn't able to actually give my review because giving reviews is one of the many things I suck at.)

I think we (mutually) agreed to do this (the date thingy with the I'll-tell-you-my-week's-highlights thingy) more frequently! Hihi.

Also, we talked about Hannah whose flat we'll be visiting on Saturday. So Hannah, go shopping na for food. We'll need those.

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