23 Novemburp 2013
| Pyrofest 2013 
| SM City Clark parking lot 
| Photo dump and a bunch of cornballs 

I try hard to feel amused and thrilled and happy whenever I see fireworks, but no matter how hard I push, I’d just feel bad for realizing that I’ve lost the ability to. When I was in HK Disneyland, I ditched the opportunity to see the fireworks display for some amusement park ride I’ve ridden several times already. Obviously I’ve started losing the initiative to learn to enjoy what I was trying to want to enjoy

The whole pyrotechnics deal had apparently lost its effect on me

That night, however, for some reason, while watching the display, my sentiments changed

That night, I realized that before me was a demonstration of how vast the sky is! The fireworks were everywhere, and every one of them was beautiful. I even felt frustrated at how limited my field of vision is. What would it feel like if I had the ability to turn into a bug that has a 360-degree FOV? Will watching the lights dance be as superb an experience as it is watching it with the FOV I have now? Could I have appreciated it more?

I was witnessing the universe live and die and maniacally (despite most likely inaccurately) reveal the Big Bang theory and relive it over and over again in various means and forms and sequences and yet I just stood there doing nothing. Just watching it wouldn’t give it justice. Catching it on camera wouldn’t even be good enough. Recording a life-size holographic copy of it assuming of course I had the equipment would do the authenticity feels no good

I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to illustrate it, but I’m too incompetent to. I wanted to write about it, but I do not have the words. I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know what

I was really surprised to find that the show amazed me. I wanted to witness something equally beautiful down here on earth

I wanted to witness something equally beautiful down from where we were standing. Come to think of it. The parking lot is a pretty huge canvass, too. We could have done something, man! I could have tried dancing and singing and screaming

But at the same time I just as well couldn’t

That night I couldn’t sing or laugh or move. Strangely enough, your presence wouldn’t make me. Cornballs, but hehe, I just had to have it noted

Ever since this fan service shit has started, we’ve been sending positive and negative signals to each other. Have you been? Or have I just misinterpreted your actions?

Plot twist

I didn’t really want to know. It’s kind of nice being uncertain about a bunch of things

Ugh this is so cornballs

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