19-22 Novemburp 2013 
| Photo dump 

Found myself reliving them old college freshie years 

19 | Tuesday

Kuya photo bomber 

Hashtag hugot
I went on a date with Shai, my first year college buddy. Back then we were almost inseparable. I got her by default-- we were automatically stuck together since we belong to the same block and to the same dormitory 

Now that we live in different cribs and are pursuing different degree programs, we go on one-one dates-- something the younger versions of us would prolly find strange, because really, we don't do those stuff back then 

I don't know 

20 | Wednesday 

21 | Thursday

Jem medyo giving Yanyan the newly-inducted-Rotaractor feels. This calls for a proper yaoi fan plot 

I got inducted into Rotaract last Thursday

This isn't a first, though. In year one I tolerated a few painful hours of listening to some old boring folks talk about really boring stuff to get into the club. I eventually quit, though, because there never really was any movement

Now that I'm witnessing some activity, I again wanted in, so I decided that I'd put my patience to test. Again

Fortunately this year, the senior's speech was shorter, and there was this gay speaker dude who really took the applicants' attention. Boy was I glad to have him around

22 | Friday

Went home to Ivy undressing a serving of balut in front of a bottle of red wine. So much class, man 

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  1. hehe :"> "I got her by default" di ko alam kung masaya ka ba or what hahaha pero sure ako naguumapaw saya mo! :)


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