03 Novocaine 2013 
| Sunday
| Sem break wrap up 

I’m a severely frustrated staycationer ist 

My semester break didn’t start off the way I planned it to. I inadvertently slept off the first day of my vacation, and although I find it very frustrating, I also sort of think that it was kind of nice to recover all that sleep I’ve lost to finals week. ‘Twas frustrating, nonetheless 


On my second first day, Octopus 19th, I decided that I’d familiarize myself with the interface of a bunch of design software. I’ve started experimenting on Adobe InDesign. At times I’d shift to watching a bunch of films and Hannibal episodes, helping my brother prepare for his exams, watching random YouTube / Vimeo vids, and Googling a cornucopia of random stuff 

A cycle was born and it went on for a week 


A lot of hours were spent idly. I don't know. I'm not sure if the act of letting myself lie on the bed marveling at how the window prettily filters the sunshine is considered counterproductive. I let myself indulge in it, and I couldn't help but feel nostalgic. Sarap sa feeling


On the 26th I had to attend a meeting with a bunch of important people. For a while I felt as if I was one of them, and it felt good. It felt really good. Take that I really mean something if I put emphasis on it lol 

It was a surreal experience for me. This may sound pathetic, but this cupcaker holder paperer thingy was the only thing that tells me that everything that happened that day was real (don't worry though, I've already disposed of it) 

Since that day, I've been preparing for the resumption of classes. Basta, preparations

Foodie moment 

Pizza day

This is the day that I figured that maybe I had become immune to spicy things. No matter how much chili oil or chili flakes or hot sauce I put on my food, it still doesn't sting. I want it to sting. Maybe I should consult Kit

Baby hedgie 

Last Thursday, Jumbo gave birth to this

Everything was going so well, and then this happened. Apparently, Jumbo squished it to death. It is ultimately heartbreaking :( I may seem like I don't care, but I still can't move on. Ang nega ng vibes ko 'til this day. Nakakapanghinayang kasi ng sobra


Yesterday, I finished reading Veronica Roth's Divergent 

I'm practically a fan of stuff that are dystopian, utopian, and post-apocalyptic (along with stuff that are science fiction-y and fantasy-y), but as much as I wanted to get myself absorbed into the world Roth has constructed, I can't help but find so many things that are disgraceful about it
  • The underdog thing is pretty much cliché already 
  • Our heroes' flirting seemed to be more sensual than the one in Twilight 
  • The descriptions given were insufficient, giving me a hard time trying to visualize the scenes in my head 
  • The Abnegation massacre part was practically just a reproduction of the ghetto massacre from Schindler's List. I imagine it'd just be 
  • I'm not sure if these will be addressed in the succeeding books, but I hated how, apparently, the Erudites do not crave to know what lies beyond the fences, or how the Candors never debated the inefficiency and immorality of the prevailing system, or why the political leaders, if they truly are selfless Abnegations, still chose to preserve the factionlessness of the factionless when they have the power to reverse that 

These, and many more

The most disgraceful thing about it, though, is how its system of dystopia/utopia worked. Seriously, by what standards did Roth select the moral values that will be yielded by the factions in her book?

I liked the mind control bit though

Another foodie moment

Yesterday, Mum brought us to Seafood Island


Other sem break stuff: 
  • Got addicted to watching Vsauce vids. Can’t help it. They’re too interesting to not watch 
  • Tried not washing my hair for four days. I liked the resulting greasiness so very much that I most likely will try it again (and maybe see how long I’ll be able to tolerate not washing my hair) 
  • Fucked my body clock up. My day usually starts at 12 noon. Now I don’t how to I’d adjust it back to normal settings 
  • Didn’t run even just for once, which violated my sem break to-do list. But I feel free. Fat, but free 
  • Didn’t do anything traditionally artsy fartsy. No random sketches, no nothing. This is unhealthy 
  • Surprisingly continued living despite not receiving weekly allowances 

And that's it 

I'm still feeling a bit restless because I still haven't seen my class cards yet. I also still have a lot of stuff to sort through before I go back to school 

Tomorrow I shall teleport back to Pampanga and face whatever it is I have to face. I might get slapped in the face or something, but that doesn't kill the eagerness I feel to crawl back in to that hole again 

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