Team D

04-09 Novemburp 2013 
| Clark, Pampanga 
| First week of classes 

| Ginormous photo dump 

Too cool to graduate on time

Nov 4 (Mon) 

UP Clark 
Enrollment day 1 

Dun dun dunnnn

Nov 6 (Wed) 

UP Clark 
Enrollment day 3 

Dan, Team D's newest recruit (or something) 

Palakihan ng eyes and nose and mouth thingamajigum

Dij forever pa-cute 


SM City Clark 

Dat level of vanity akfjasdklfjad I can't 

Imitating Niks' smile  
Imitating Dan's  

(dem) imitating mine  

Nov 7 (Thu) 

UP Clark 
First day of classes 

Angeles City Youth Center 
JM doing stuff with my tab 

Nov 8 (Fri) 

UP Clark library 
Doing stuff with Nikki 

SM City Clark 
Lunch date with Sot and Ja 

Movie night with Skate 

Flu shot 

Nov 9 (Sat) 

UP Clark 
Sometimes Minorka surprises me 

Accidentally got on the same bus with Skate 

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