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11 Novemburp 2013 
| Monday 
| Vinzon's Hall, UP Diliman 

Today I volunteered at a UP Tulong Kabataan relief operation 

I swear I've been itching to do this yesterday, but I had to put the idea off because I did not know what would be waiting for me there, and I was too tied up to other (nevertheless related) responsibilities 

Last night, however, Enteng and Jill and Erwin agreed to do volunteer work and inventory check on cookies and crackers and powdered beverages all afternoon with me 

I was content and happy doing what I can to help, until I overheard three students talking about how much of a capitalist the Church is with its (ewan ha) give more, receive more propaganda and realized how much I wanted to bring them over to UP Clark just so there'd be people who'd be able to actually connect with me 

Life is sad 

Shit I've done for the #YolandaPH victims so far 
  • Establish drop-off points 
  • Create call-to-action posters 
  • Actually donate 
  • Actually do volunteer work 

Shit I've not yet done for the #YolandaPH victims but apparently turns out to be the most freakin important of all 
  • Empower others to do the same 

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