Moriarty: To die is an art

Last night, I was already starting to get worried since our pet hamster Moriarty who usually runs around our bedroom (we don't put him in a cage since he's one to easily get bored) wasn't running around our bedroom anymore.

This morning, Jared finally decided to look for Moriarty. He found him under the closet, lifeless. We don't know for sure what caused his death, pero we think na maybe while he was making his way behind the closet, somebody accidentally pushed the closet towards the wall, killing the poor guy. He was in a labas-ngipin and tila-nakalambitin position when we extracted him.

We all were devastated-- Jared, Jill, and I. We had really strong emotional attachments to this little fella'.

To die is an art

Good night Moriarty. Hope you enjoy hamster heaven.


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