Princess Monster Wife

So my 50th post is about my second favorite TV show (after Doctor Who, of course), Adventure Time! Yeah. Cheers.

Ever since class started I was not able to keep up with the latest AT episodes since I was too busy watching films from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries so that I can finally tick off some of those listed in my movie bucket list (which I'll have probably scanned in the future so I can show it off to you because yes darling I am indeed the infamous Captain Showoff). Season 4 has just started pero they have already released lots of episodes but I was only able to download those of and prior to the 18th of July keeping me from delighting myself with the three newest ones.

Yes, I am a little disappointed with myself. I seem to have partially lost my piracy skills. I just hope I don't totally lose the right to utter a mighty "Arrrr".

Anyway earlier today I decided to watch two episodes of Adventure Time before starting to study (which still sits unticked on my to-do list oh my glob). I saw Hug Wolf and Princess Monster Wife.

Princess Monster Wife's appearance made Finn and Jake faint-- no kidding.

I just wanted to say that Princess Monster Wife, by far, is the most disturbing episode of AT!

In this episode, Ice King actually had a wife-- who actually was in love with him! Ice King still made use of incantations though-- he created, patched together rather, a wife out of stolen body parts! Read that right. Stolen body parts-- that's what made this episode so fuckin disturbin.

Ingredients of Princess Monster Wife
  • Right half of Princess Bubblegum's face
  • Left half of Turtle Princess' head
  • Lumpy Space Princess' chin
  • Wildberry Princess' right arm
  • Muscle Princess' left arm
  • Back half of Hot Dog Princess (as a right leg)
  • Skeleton Princess' left leg
  • Dr. Princess' midsection (heart and intestines)
  • Elbow Princess' hips
  • Slime Princess' bottoms
Thing is, Ice King and Princess Monster Wife really loved each other. Their story ended a tragedy though-- Princess Monster Wife felt bad about being made out of stolen body parts so she decided to give the stolen parts back to their real princess owners leaving her with nothing but her voice (which by the way was the combined voices of Princess Bubblegum and LSP and Turtle Princess, giving the audience and eerie, nightmare-ish feeling). Via the wind, she told Ice King that even though her parts are separated she will always be with him.

Ice King didn't mind, really. He just complained that his now-dead wife was giving his stuff away (which did not really belong to him in the first place) making me want to take back what I said about Ice King finding true love.

Here's Princess Monster Wife, by the way.

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