Yaya Jean

Yesterday, I went on a date with my brother-- if you consider bringing him to Kumon a date. I was made to wait but I would not want to squish in with the yayas and mamas in the allotted waiting area so I decided to go outside.

Ang gara sa Marikina. A turo-turo cart, a mani stand, and a buko cart came into view woohoo! Bisyo. After satisfying my street food craving, I entered a poorly-stocked ukay-ukay to see if I could get my hands on something. However as I said it was poorly stocked so I was not able to get myself anything anyway.

Pinoy na pinoy 'tong lakad na 'to. Hihi.

Buko juice (P5) + a serving of fish balls (P5)
When Jared's Kumon session was over, he insisted we go to McDonald's. I thought I'd have to spend my allowance on him which was nevertheless okay, but to my surprise he paid for everything! I could get use to this...

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