Chics and booze (dahil macho ako)

Last night (September 29), Alexys celebrated her 18th birthday at The Gallery Bar, Richmonde Hotel Eastwood City. I was glad to have the Greenpark Friends around otherwise I'd drown in a sea of super unfamiliar and fabulosa chics. Because first of all, I'm not chic material-- need I still confess? Hahaha!

I shared the table with Lawrence and George, because aside from Paolo and his troupe, they were the only ones I know. For guys, they were bigass camera whores! Yes my camera has outgrown retardation woohoo!

(L to R)   Lawrence and George
(Clockwise)    Paolo, Deo, Macky, and Norris
Doing the pa-cute Japanese gesture (haha racist) with George!

Though Pao is my ex (yuck, I know), I was more comfortable around George. Kasi we usually see each other every Sunday (yihee churchmates), plus bino-boyfriend niya si Law and si Norris. I think it'd be awesome if he was actually gay. Hahaha!

Aside from the Greenpark Guys, Alexys' cousins, Charlotte and Charlene, were also around (duh). Goody. I kinda missed this girls!

(L to R)    Charlotte, Jean (moi), and Charlene
Trying my hand at food photography. Fail! Hahaha.
The room was overflowing with chics like oh-em-gee
Obligatory hold-your-bangs pose
Baby Kean!
Have I told you about Alexys' awesomesauce dad? I don't know if it's the beer, pero mind you, he dances quite well! In na in sa youth today hahahaha :)))

Party dad!
George does not really drink, so when Pao got him to down three shots in one sitting, he got super red and super dizzy. Cool guy... pero at the party's end he hanged out at the bar. I still don't get it. //??

(L to R)    Norris, Deo, Pao, Lawrence, George
Also, I was part of Alexys' 18k. I know what you're thinking: isn't that only for aunts and uncles and godparents and whoever the fuck already has a source of income? I'm her lola eh. And so are her other ka-age friends that took part in the 18k hahahaha.

This is Alexys extracting thousand peso bills from envelopes. Pa-Magnum ka naman!

Hit the jump for the photo dump!
Though, you'd only enjoy viewing it if you actually were in the party last night, so

Paolo and I had our pictures taken at the photo booth, kaso he was the one who kept it so I guess I'll have to wait for the photo booth, er, Jedis, to upload them. Meanwhile, here's a photo of us doing the Paolo look. Haha.

Ex couple :)) Chos

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