May 19

Today (yesterday, rather huhu) Charlene and i ran a 10k! It was a Pace UP event and so it was held 'round UP Diliman. Sadly, i got to the finish line within 1 hour and 36 minutes, a record 11 minutes longer than my Color Manila Nite Run time :(

I think i'll blame it on the terrains because no i do not accept defeat. Chos. Also, i might blame it on a lot of sightseeing: cutesy CHK training ground, creepy trees, cats, mashed frog carcasses, dude who looked a lot like Khal Drogo, frog gut juice, +++

Since none of us was of able to bring decent cameras, i painted a selfie!!! Hehe vanity to the 8o343sj72nd level :( I just had to have this day marked because this was the first time i'd be participating in a morning run okay

This is something i stole from Charlene's Facebook post hehe sorry

I hated how i forgot to smile the RA Rivera smile. I smiled that smile a lot, but just when the dude's actually there to have his picture taken with us, hay jusko nakalimot naman dana

Hannah met up with us after the run, and since we've got no pre-determined itinerary, we decided that we'd just go to Maginhawa to have brunch. However, stores pala in Maginhawa open up at ten in the morning, so we never really got to do our nomz there. Eventually, Hannah had to leave, so Char and i decided to eat at Rodic's nalang. So we ate at Rodic's. Then we had ice cream + an airconditioned room all to ourselves mehehe

Then we parted ways. I got home and fell asleep. Six hours later i awoke and i felt bad about wasting my day, so i decided to consult my sketchpad huhu

Yes this is a hate post. I hate myself

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