August 27: Pinoyfest 2013

Three days after Rockstruck, UP SAMANA held its major event in SM City Clark Cinema 5 naman. As i was a member of this org din, imagine how emaciated my wallet looked during solicitation week

This year, the theme was reggae. The SAMANA folks were asked to wear something hippie. I didn't see anything reggae with the selected mode of style, so i brushed their decision off and looked for something more reggae /huhu. I swear i tried my best, but what i wore in the end looked bohemian instead-- i sported a peasant skirt and a pashmina. Arte pa kasi eh. Yan tuloy ang daming nagbless at nagpahula sakin nung event hahaha

I came almost an hour late but when I got to the theater, the event hasn't started yet. I still had time to make rounds and hunt for Ivy and Clarence and give folks faux fortune-telling sessions huhu

Ivy Swagger, flaunting her tummy, went onstage with Anna Dungcs to cite the contest mechanics. Hot niya phowz

UP Lakan's Alyana. Bet ko siya not only because she's in my Nat Sci classes, but also bec her voice is so soothing! It's very jazzy and goes well with elongated vowels

UP Association of Economic Students' (AES) patootie Kayla

SAMANA intermission

What is SAMANA without the annual sensual number? Hahaha

Samana newmems!

UP Psychology Society! They delivered the most reggae-esque performance! Or ewan, baka biased lang ako hihi

Rean did his part so well! The spirit of Mary Jane truly is in him. There also was Ima. Petité pero monster when it comes to playing guitar. We also have dat really cute imported guitarist and Tim. I swear I cannot make up my mind whom to focus my eyes on huhu. I love PsychSoc!

UP Business Management Society's (BMS) Mark Santos! His voice iz so handsome. Howcome i've only known of his singing prowess that day?

UP Hijos' Cyril. Nice voice, stunning set of locks

SAMANA band commercial

David dosing off akldfjaklsdfjlk y

Org heads: Karaoke finalist! Ayun si Aira Luggy oh, Pi Sigma Delta represent! Hihihi

Otep obviously won this shit because of the skillz (and the charisma, of course)

Sharrah Kate "Asiang" Penaflorida, chillin

Then came the second round. Didn't shoot photos of the participants this time, though. There's no point posting multiple photos of the same folks doin the same thing haha

But of course, here's an obligatory shot of the gwapo imported guitarist guy who played for both PsychSoc and BMS. There are plenty more where that came from! Shai asked me to shoot more photos eh hihi

Then i made tambay sa labas with some folks and stuff. This is Mark (BMS) striking a pose with my mother's divine pashmina (na ayaw ibigay ni ermats akin huhu)

Pashmina wings just because

This is Nikki and Shai taking over my iPad (hi I'll upload your stuff on Facebook don't worry hihi)

Since there only were five participants, SAMANA gave only two awards that night: 1st Runner-Up, and Pinoyfest Champion (ata, ewan), UP's Choice Award aside. Ewan. I do not know what exactly are the names of the awards eh asdkfjalsdfj

BMS won 1st runner-up

Tapos I also wasn't able to take a photo of the night's champions din pala. AES won. Good thing I found this thing on YouTube though

I don't dissent because she did give a really good performance! Pero of course, i don't know if it's due to bias, pero i was still looking forward to Rean's victory kasi his performance defined reggae the most hihi

A bunch of the SAMANA folks went to some grill in Angeles City for an after-event inuman session. Stuff happened. Stuff happened to Clarence. Hahaha

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